2020 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference – Virtual - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

To everyone who attended last week, thanks for a wonderful conference!

The videos of the sessions are now available.  

Next week we'll have information about the 2021 conference on this page, so bookmark this page.

Watch the video below to learn about the conference

A Message for You
from the middle of the ocean

This year's conference is focused on how you can bring in more money faster, with the least amount of effort...

...and you can bring in significant donations even
before the conference starts!

COVID-19 has changed how we all work.

With all the new distractions you have, and the increasing sense of overwhelm and uncertainty you're experiencing, you need a way to bring in more money but without more effort...in fact, raising more money with less effort would be ideal, right?

That's why this year's conference focuses on the exact things you need right now to raise more money faster.  

You'll learn strategies that helped organizations raise more money in the last 6 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started.  These are up to date strategies that are helping organizations raise money now. 

You are about to raise more money TODAY

Because of the pandemic, many organizations are having a harder time hitting their fundraising goals.  So, this year's conference is even more focused on bringing in more donations faster ... and that starts with the pre-conference sessions (which were recorded and available now).

Raise money faster with
the pre-conference sessions 

Watch the first pre-conference session and you'll learn how to write a very specific type of appeal that will raise you more money this afternoon. Seriously, you can be raising more money in the next couple of hours!

You will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to raise money with this little known type of appeal. 

Learn what stories you should tell

The most successful fundraising professionals know that there are different types of stories, and each type of story has a specific fundraising area where it works best.

For instance.

Do you know the three different types of stories to use in your appeals?  If you don't use one of these three stories, then you will cause donors to give you less money, or cause them NOT to give...

...and those three stories should not be the main stories in your newsletters. 

Knowing what story to tell, and when to tell it, will help you raise a lot more money.

At this year's conference, you will learn what stories work best for:

  • Appeals
  • Newsletters
  • Major Giving
  • Monthly Giving
  • Events 
  • Grants
  • Planned Giving

Here's why you'll get more out of this conference than any other conference you've ever attended

Many of the sessions will have a "workshop" component to them.

What this means for you is that you'll be putting what you learn into practice during the sessions.  This way, you'll be able to start implementing your new skills right away.

The presenters will be spending more time with you so you can ask more questions as you try out your new skills. 

If you are willing to think a little differently, and stretch your fundraising brain, then you can be raising more money this year.  Buy Your Ticket

Forget About Fundraising for a Moment,
Let's Have Some Fun

Ready to have some fun?

Everyone who's been to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference in the past knows we like to build fun into the conference experience.  And this year is no different.  Even though we have to meet virtually, we have planned some fun for you.  

The fun starts with our theme.

We’ve chosen a nautical theme where the dreaded Kraken makes an appearance, and where we help guide you to a safe harbor where you'll learn to raise more money and meet new friends.

Let's take the theme out for a little test drive.  We'll start with the question in below. (WARNING, corny and over the top writing ahead.)

Which picture describes you best?

Do you currently feel alone in a sea of fundraising uncertainty, not knowing what lurks beneath the surface for your organization?  

Do you feel like everything is calm but you could use a little help charting your fundraising course?

Whether you're feeling stressed about not raising enough money this year, or you want some help charting your fundraising course ...

...at this year's conference,
you'll learn the strategies people used to raise record amounts of money in the past 6 months --- in the midst of the pandemic!!!

Welcome to Safe Harbor
at Conference Cove

At this year's conference, we'll guide you to a safe harbor where you'll learn how to gain more control over your fundraising.

Contrary to popular belief, right now is a fabulous time to be raising money.  

Donors continue to be generous.  But, it's more important than ever for you to know what stories are working best to connect with donors. You'll discover what stories are working best when you come to the conference. Get a ticket to this year's conference right now. Buy a Ticket


Virtual but not Impersonal

Just because the conference has to take place online this year doesn't mean it has to be impersonal.  

If you buy a ticket to the conference, you'll receive a special fun package in the mail that includes ways to help make the conference more personal.

Find Your People 

Built into this year's conference are multiple ways to meet people who are like you. And in keeping with this year's theme, your new friends are going to be called your "Lifeboat Buddies".

Whether you want to meet people in similar organizations, or you'd like to meet people with similar personal interests, there will be places in "Conference Cove" for you to find and meet your people.


Who's this conference for?

This year's conference is for anyone who's involved in: 

  • Major Gifts
  • Appeals
  • Social Media
  • Donor relations
  • Special Events
  • Leadership
  • Fundraising online
  • Grants
  • Community Outreach 
  • Planned Giving
  • and more...

It's a conference unlike any conference you've attended online

You are about to experience something amazing!

You're probably tired of ZOOM meetings and trainings/webinars.  Let me introduce you to a different way to increase your fundraising skills ... and a plan that will have you raising more money before the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference swings into full gear.

Here's How it Works 


Brand new this year, we had pre-conference sessions.  These were recorded and are waiting for you to watch right after you get your ticket.

Usually, pre-conference sessions are an extra cost, but if you buy a ticket, or buy the videos from the conference, you will also get the pre-conference sessions for free.


If you've been to the conference in the last few years, then you know how robust our conference app is.

The app gives you a lot of power to find and interact with people, set up your own virtual hangouts.

You'll also be able to watch all the sessions live on your computer or from your phone within the app.  So no more trying to find and remember special links or Zoom webinar emails.  And you'll also be able to interact with the presenters.


The actual conference takes place on October 29th and 30th.  It runs from 10AM - 5PM Central time (USA) on both days.

The sessions are structured in a way to invite more participation. Before you leave many of your sessions, you will actually put into practice what you're learning.  The great thing about how the presentations are structured is that you won't feel like you are sitting at a computer screen watching presentations all day long.  The sessions will have you doing things so you'll feel like you're accomplishing what you need in order to end the year strong.

Knowledge without action is useless. So at the conference, you are going to start putting your new knowledge into action.  Imagine how good it will feel as you start to implement what you're learning and get things done!


Got a problem you're really struggling with?  This is where StoryLabs comes in.  During the conference there will be special panels.  These panels are where you can bring your most pressing questions and have an expert help you.  These StoryLabs will be held during each of the breaks between the sessions.


And what would this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference be without its fun and collectible conference swag?

That's right.  

There's some fun themed swag this year.  

If you purchase a ticket to this year's conference, you also get a surprise swag package in the mail.  The swag this year is designed to help make your virtual conference experience even more fun and personal.

So don't miss out.
Buy your ticket to the conference today

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