2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

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The 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place on
November 2-4, 2023 in San Diego, California at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

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We are hard at work at crafting new sessions for the 2023 conference that will give you the fundraising formulas, strategies, and process maps you'll need to raise more money than ever before.

You'll learn how to sharpen your storytelling skills in the following key areas: 

Fundraising, Board Development, Social Media
Grants, Community Development
Team Building & Leadership

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When you buy a ticket or the videos to the 2023 conference, you'll also get three videos showing you ways to raise money today.  These videos make it easy for you to be raising more money within the next 2 hours. 

Bonus Video #1
Send out this donation generating email

In this bonus video, Steven Screen will help you write an email that compels donors to give to you right now.  He walks you through writing it line by line.  You'll also get the file of the email he writes on screen so that you can easily use some of the same powerful words and phrases he uses.

Bonus Video #2
Get a matching donation from a major donor

This is perhaps the easiest ask you can make of a major donor. And major donors love to say yes to this ask. In this bonus video, Jim Shapiro is going to walk you through crafting a simple, but powerful major donor ask for matching funds. Jim will give you the exact script to use, and then help you customize it for your organization and the donor you’re talking to. 

Bonus Video #3

Send out this inflation appeal

In this bonus video, Steven Screen shows you how to write an email that focuses on inflation, and how inflation has made it more expensive and harder for your organization to help your community. This “Inflation Fundraising Email” will be very effective at getting your donors to send you a gift. In fact, if you send out the email right after you watch the video, you are likely to raise money in the next couple of hours and throughout the next few weeks.


"We raised over $2000 in 48 hours, and have gone on to raise over $5000.  In fact, a donor who had already given generously this year sent in $1000 because of the email." Jenny Darlington-Person, Executive Director, Music in the Mountains
"Within 2 hours, the email had raised $1,200. It's been two weeks exactly now and we have raised $8,500 from that single email. Oh my goodness!Sarah Curry, Manager of Storytelling Group, Cookson Hills

Get a ticket or the videos to the conference right now so you can easily raise more money within the next two hours

You'll also get these 7 free bonus videos when
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  • What Story Should You Tell
  • 7 Reasons for donors to give now
  • How to Raise Undesignated Funds
  • Before & After Stories: the key ingredient in Donor Reporting Letters
  • The Major Donor Magic Formula for Determining How Much to Ask For
  • Creating Story Based Fundraising Assets
  • Your Board, and How They Can Help You With Major Donor Fundraising

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"This is my 5th time here. I texted my boss three hours in and said - This is absolutely worth it"

"The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is transformative...I want to run home and tell my whole team about everything I just learned"

3 Types of Sessions

Each session will help you tell better stories.  And each session will fall into one of three different types of sessions:

  1. Raise Money Today Sessions - Craft an email appeal and/or donor asks at the conference so that you generate new donations while you are at the conference. (see the vide below)
  2. Get It Done Sessions - Walk away from the conference having a first draft of a fundraising appeal, action plan, or some other strategic donor communications.
  3. Need to Know Sessions - There are strategies and tactics that help you to better communicate with donors, board members, and staff. These sessions will help you become a better communicator.

"I raised money at the conference!"

"I went to Steven Screen's raise money today session." --- Within 2 hours of sending her e-appeal out, Sarah raised $1100 at the conference. UPDATE: From that one email she sent at the conference, Sarah raised over $8500 in 2 weeks.

Transport your donor to a world she cares about

Have you ever wondered why a donor presentation fell flat or why an appeal letter didn’t raise as much money as you thought it should? It’s because you didn’t tell the right story in the right way.

When you have the right stories, told in the right way, your fundraising becomes more engaging and raises you more money.

The best way to connect with your donors is through storytelling ... and you're going to go deeper into storytelling than ever before at the 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place in
San Diego, CA, November 2-4, 2023

The 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. 

Come join in the fun and beautiful weather San Diego has to offer. 

Raising money should be joyful

Raising money should be joyful... for you, and your donors.

Reduce fundraising stress and burnout.  

Come to this year's conference and learn how to make fundraising more enjoyable.  Get inspired and excited to raise more money.  

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