Donor Story Sequence - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Fundraising can be a little
overwhelming sometimes. Right?

To help you, we've created 3 FREE resources for you.  

Donor Story Sequence - PDF

​Do you sometimes sit there wondering what to do next with your donors?

The Donor Story Sequence will help map out what to do next with your donors.  This is something you'll want to download and keep by your desk.  Use it to chart your next steps.   Download PDF

Ask Thank Report Repeat - Graphic

​Here's a proven method for raising more money, and building stronger relationships with your donors.

This downloadable graphic will help you build a fundraising rhythm and flow to your donor relationships.  In order to really get the most out of this graphic, you'll want to watch the video below.  Download and keep this graphic by your desk.  Download Graphic

Raising More Money through Better Storytelling - Video

​Learn how to raise more money by using the Donor Story Sequence and the Ask Thank Report Repeat process.

Steven Screen and Jim Shapiro walk you through how to raise more money from your donors.  You'll get a sneak peak into some of the strategies you'll learn from them at this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Watch the Video


Download the free resources, and watch the video.  Feel free to share them with your staff and colleagues.