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Come to the 2024 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

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If you want to raise more money, engage your community, and deepen donor relationships then the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is for you. . .

. . . Because the best way for you to raise more money, engage your community, and deepen your donor relationships is by tapping into the power of storytelling.

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Learn how to connect and communicate better with donors.
Come to the 2024 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Join us for the 2024 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference at the remarkable Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort in New Mexico! 

You'll learn how to better communicate with your donors ... and you'll learn in a truly special setting.

Just south of Santa Fe, and situated between the breathtaking Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River is a place steeped in a thousand years of Indigenous culture and rich history.  It’s the ideal setting to focus on storytelling and deep connections.

Here, storytelling takes on a new dimension. Your senses will be fully engaged, your spirit invigorated. Tamaya isn't just a place, it's an experience. 

Because of the uniqueness and smaller size of this hotel, tickets are limited.  There are less tickets available than in previous years. 

Master the Art of Crafting Unforgettable Donor Experiences!

Dive into specialized training sessions designed to teach you how to take your donor communications and turn them into meaningful and captivating experiences for your donors and potential supporters. The unique sessions and workshops will reveal the secrets to engaging donors.  

You'll learn storytelling and how to engage donors in three main areas:

  • In person (Events, major donors meetings, etc)
  • Direct mail (Fundraising letters, newsletters, donor reports, etc)
  • Online (websites, social media, etc)

When you pair meaningful experiences with compelling stories, you venture beyond mere communication; you evoke emotion, incite action, and create lasting bonds with new audiences and current supporters.

Game-Changing Workshops!

This year, we're thrilled to introduce a game-changing lineup of 4 different intensive workshops designed to revolutionize your approach to fundraising. These aren't your average sessions; they're deep dives into the strategies that matter, combining expert insights with hands-on practice.

These intensive sessions are each 3 hours in length to help you transform your skills, connect with like-minded professionals, and walk away with toolkits brimming with actionable strategies.

Here are the 4 workshop topics:

  1. "Major Donors: Storytelling Strategies for getting Transformational Gifts" will help you have an easier time connecting with major donors and getting larger gifts. You'll walk away with a plan to know how to best connect with your major donors and what you should be doing next to engage them.
  2. "Fundraising Events: Creating Connections and Experiences" will help you elevate your fundraising events beyond mere transactional events and turn them into memorable experiences that forge real connections with your cause. Samantha Swain and Kristin Steele have so much to share with you when it comes to putting on events that give donors experiences that they love.
  3. "Fundraising Appeal Toolkit for Extra Donations" will help you create a versatile fundraising toolkit, including an appeal letter, email follow-up, and a thank-you note that are designed as a financial lifeline. This toolkit acts like a check ready to be cashed—perfect for moments when extra donations are needed. Steven Screen will be your instructor. He'll help make sure you leave with a toolkit that you can have at the ready for the next time you need to raise money in a hurry.
  4. "Creative Campaign Ideas" is designed to spark your imagination and get more of your donors talking about you and giving you more gifts.  Your instructors are John Lepp and Jen Love. They will help you craft story-driven campaigns that are creative and truly resonate with your donors. You'll discover how to weave captivating stories that inspire your supporters and deepen their commitment to your cause.

Transform Your Fundraising into a Creative Adventure

This year's conference offers you a series of sessions and guided discussions that will give you the storytelling and donor communication skills you need to raise more money. 

These interactive experiences will enhance your ability to connect with donors, and make the fundraising process more enjoyable and effective. Imagine engaging with your supporters in ways that are not only more impactful but also more fun for you and your team.

You'll gain insights and tools that will make fundraising less of a chore and more of a creative adventure, ultimately leading to stronger relationships with your donors and increased fundraising. 

Come to New Mexico and transform your approach to donor engagement. Learn how to create experiential storytelling that attracts new donors, raises you more money, and engages your supporters in new ways.

Secure your spot and be part of a storytelling adventure that bridges the time-honored traditions of the Santa Ana Pueblo with today’s innovative nonprofit storytelling strategies. You won't want to miss the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference at Tamaya, it's a conference unlike any other conference you've ever attended.

Book your spot now. The blend of ancient narrative with modern day storytelling strategies awaits you at the Tamaya Resort.


The 2024 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place at
1300 Tuyuna Trail,
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico 87004 

November 11-13, 2024

FREE: 10 Powerful Bonus Videos

When you buy a ticket or the videos to the conference, you'll also get ten free bonus videos from two of the industry's best teachers -- Steven Screen and Jim Shapiro.

These videos are required watching for fundraisers looking to find new donors and get bigger gifts from the ones they already have.

Here are the 10 videos you'll get instant access to:

  1. 3 Story Asks That Will Increase Your Donor Response and Raise You More Money
  2. Storytelling When Writing: 5 Tips for a Great First Sentence
  3. How to Write Stories for Your Newsletter
  4. Major Donor Storytelling for Action!
  5. The Major Donor Magic Formula for Determining How Much to Ask For
  6. Your Board, and How They Can Help You With Major Donor Fundraising
  7. How to Create a Planned Giving Campaign
  8. A Simple (But Amazing) Donor Welcome Series that Gets Donors to Give Again
  9. What Type of Story to Tell Donors When You're Asking, Thanking, or Reporting Back to Them
  10. How to Tell Stories to Major Donors to Keep Them Engaged and Giving

These video sessions are powerful.  They've helped fundraisers just like you turn their stories into donations

SAVE $900 
The Early-Bird Special Ends on July 12th

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