2018 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference speakers - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

#1 conference on how to use storytelling to raise more money in less time

The 2018 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place in Orlando, Florida, October 15-17, 2018


New at this year’s conference

This year is about helping you implement new strategies faster than ever.

You'll get more strategies to:

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    Find more donors
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    Strengthen donor relationships
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    Raise more money from your current donors

And Also

Because storytelling isn't just for raising money, we're adding 
BRAND NEW sessions on ORGANIZATIONAL and LEADERSHIP storytelling.

Nonprofits need stories to grow their leadership in their community. They need stories so elected officials understand why their cause matters. They need stories that help neighbors support their expansion.

So this year you'll leave the conference with storytelling skills that will help you become a better influencer at your organization and in your community.

Time Saving Tools

You'll get process maps, checklists, and other tools to help make your job easier and more productive. 

These will help you when you're at your office.  If you ever become overwhelmed with choices as to what your next step should be, these maps and checklists will be there to help point you in the right direction.

How to use storytelling to better connect with your community so that you can predictably and consistently bring in more donations in LESS TIME.

NPSC unique “Storytelling” approach integrates classic X (lead generation advertising) with X (proven multi-step, multi-media follow-up) – producing a flood of leads, customers, and profits.

"I’ve never been to a conference that was so directly related to what I do on a daily basis. Everything I learned was incredibly useful, and I’m already able to apply it!"
Lisa Miller - Development & Fundraising Writer, Plan International USA

"The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference teaches you how to hone your story, ways to make it better, ways to find and reach people in a better way... It's a quantum leap difference in what you do in terms of getting your message out." 
~ Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer - NCIS

"This year I brought my whole team... We are learning so much... I've been to a lot of other conferences.  This one has very practical information that is so useful to your everyday use." 
~ Linda Greenberg, Executive Director
Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation

"This, by far, has been the best conference I've attended... I came by myself and I've met so many others like myself... The experience I've had in two workshops has been completely worth it for me." 
~ Monica Reyes,  New Brunswick Tomorrow

"This is my fourth conference... After the first conference I went back and put into practice some of the things I learned and it led to tremendous success... Each year gets better and better." 
~ Tom Eremondi, Saskatoon City Hospital FDN 

Connect with Your Colleagues

The conference offers more time to connect with colleagues and similar organizations so that you can learn from one another.

There will also be more time to connect with the experts. 

Expanded StoryLabs

Story labs is where you get one-on-one help with the experts.

Sit down face to face with them and get your questions answered immediately.

"A 10-minute conversation with Jeff Brooks about general arts funding, and how to ask for it, put me on a different track for our end-of-year letter. I went right out to the porch, sat in the sun, and rewrote my letter in longhand, refined it that night and sent it to graphics on Sunday morning. It went out Friday, already checks are coming in.  I take everything you guys tell me and make money with it."
Jan Halliday - Development Director, Port Townsend Film Festival

I can leave my work at the end of the day knowing, "I’ve done good”

I can be fully present with my partner and family when I get home.

I can enjoy the time.

Who's this conference for?

This conference is for anyone who's involved in: 

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    Major Gifts
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    Direct Response Mail 
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    Social Media
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    Donor relations
  • check
    Special Events
  • check
  • check
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    Fundraising online
  • check
  • check
    Community Outreach 
  • check
    Planned Giving
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    and more...

"Woohoo! Bravo!  You and your team planned and executed a fabulous event. My entire staff was beyond thrilled with their experience. Thank you so much for so many inspiring moments and for igniting our passion for our work. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t refer to something we learned at the conference and modify whatever it is we are working on."
Linda Greenberg - Executive Director, Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation

"This offers a different perspective... inspiring... we're actually being challenged to think outside of our box... It's unlike any other conference." 
~ Bethany Glass, Emory University School of Law

"We brought 12 of our team members here from various departments...It's just been amazing to come out of the various sessions and watch our team light up with new ideas...There was so much more than we expected." 
~ Kathy Graves, Pioneer Bible Translators

Topics we'll cover at this year's conference include:

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    How to make a story based ask
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    How to craft attention grabbing headlines for use in emails, social media, newsletters and on your website. 
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    How to choose the best stories to compel your donors to give
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    How to use story based ads on Facebook to attract new donors
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    How to use a series of stories to retain donors longer
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    How to write compelling letters, articles, and posts your donors will love
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    How to use stories to become more influential at your organization
  • check
    How to raise your profile in the community using stories
  • check
    How to create a year long content calendar
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    and more...

"This conference is really a game changer for any nonprofit. I came away so inspired and with attainable action steps. It totally changed my year end fundraising strategy as well as my donor gratitude ideas."
Debi Frock - Founder/Executive Director, Ghanaian Mothers' Hope, Inc.

This conference is really a game changer for any nonprofit. I came away so inspired and with attainable action steps. It totally changed my year end fundraising strategy as well as my donor gratitude ideas.

This Year's Presenters:

Shanon Doolittle

Leah Eustace

Jeff Brooks

Christiana Stergiou

Steven Shattuck

Melanie Cote

Chris Hammond

Stefani Drake

Steve Kaplan

John Haydon

Diane H. Leonard

Samantha Swaim

Kristen Sukraw

Barrett Frankel

Jackie Herskovitz Russell

Stephanie Skryzowski

Get 10 FREE Bonus videos and...

...start telling better stories in the next 47 minutes.

We're giving you 10 videos to get you up and going right away.  

You're getting these videos as part of our 5th year anniversary celebration.

These videos are from 10 sessions that were hand picked from previous years.  You'll be able to start watching these videos right after you purchase your ticket to this year's conference.  You'll also get the videos if you choose to purchase the "Video Only" option.

Here are the 10 videos you'll get for free:

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    Making Stories come to Life for Donors
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    Getting Your Story Opened, Clicked, and Shared
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    Finding and Using Your Stories
  • check
    Donor Sequence Fundamentals
  • check
    Using Storytelling in Fundraising
  • check
    The Real Story that Opens Donor’s Wallets - Part 1
  • check
    The Real Story that Opens Donor’s Wallets - Part 2
  • check
    Nail the Character and the World will Beat a Path to Your Door
  • check
    Advanced Storytelling Combines Your People and Money Stories
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    Finding New Donors through Direct Mail

Get 5 Additional FREE videos.

When you purchase a ticket AND the videos from this year's conference, you'll also get an additional 5 free videos you can start watching today.

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Not only will you get all the sessions from this year's conference on video, you'll also be getting a total of 15 other videos from previous year's sessions. (A $500 Value)

Here are the 5 additional videos you'll get for free:

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    The Critical Role of Storytelling in Major Gifts Success
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    Using Stories to Engage Monthly Donors
  • check
    The Right Story for the Right Audience: How to Segment Your Donors
  • check
    Story Through the Lens
  • check
    Your Event is a Story

"I want two things from a conference: learning and rejuvenation... There's nowhere I'd rather rejuvenate than here."
Patti J. Saunders - Development Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Come join us in Orlando
Home to Walt Disney World, Harry Potter World, and many other fun attractions

The 2018 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference 
takes place at the:

9801 International Drive,
Orlando, Florida, USA, 32819

October 15-17, 2018

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There are many types of assets. One familiar type is stocks.

you'll learn why
Better Donor Communications
If you're raising money through a Major Gifts program, a Direct Response campaign, Online, Face-to-Face, or through an Event - these steps are the same.
This is an invaluable tool to help you navigate the road to increased donations. 

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