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The Donor Map is meant to help you generate ideas of where you can find more donors.

As you look around the map, you'll notice areas where you may already be generating new donors. And you'll probably also notice areas that you're not exploring. Perhaps these areas will spark new donor outreach campaigns.


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​"100 Donors in 90 Days" originally sold for $199.  But you can have it FREE when you purchase a Ticket, or the "Video Only" option to this year's conference.


"How Donors Think" takes you on a journey to the other side of fundraising.

You'll hear what donors really think.

Use this knowledge to build stronger relationships with your current and future donors.


The "Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members" videos are designed to help board members find and tell better stories.  They will help get your board members comfortable telling stories in your community.

When your board members are comfortable telling stories, good things happen... and more money is raised.

Share these videos online with your board members today.  

Get 4 FREE Memorial Day bonuses when you buy
a Ticket, or buy the "Video Only" option.

Discover how you can use better storytelling
to raise more money, more easily.

At this year's conference, you'll learn how to craft and tell better stories in these three main categories:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Leadership
  3. Communications

Topics we'll cover at this year's conference include:

  • check
    How to make a story based ask
  • check
    How to use Email + Storytelling to raise money for free
  •  How to get gifts from major donors with better storytelling
  • check
    How to choose the best stories to compel your donors to give
  • check
    How to get legacy gifts with the help of storytelling
  • check
    How to tell stories that move people to give - even if you're a hard to raise money for organization...like an Arts or Environmental organization
  • check
    How to plan your event to be story focused and raise more money
  • check
    How to make your donor communication stand out with "Instant Stories"
  • check
    How to raise your profile in the community using stories
  • check
    How to create a year long content calendar
  • check
    and more...
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Who's this conference for?

This conference is for anyone who's involved in: 

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    Major Gifts
  • check
    Direct Response Mail 
  • check
    Social Media
  • check
    Donor relations
  • check
    Special Events
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Fundraising online
  • check
  • check
    Community Outreach 
  • check
    Planned Giving
  • check
    and more...

Expanded StoryLabs

Story labs is where you get one-on-one help with the experts.

Sit down face to face with them and get your questions answered immediately.

This year's Storytelling Conference takes place in
San Diego, California, October 28-30, 2019

The 2019 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. - Book your room here

Come join in the fun and beautiful weather San Diego has to offer.

Can't make the trip in person?  

Get ALL of the sessions on video.

If you can't make it to San Diego for this year's conference, then get the videos.  It's the next best thing to being there in person.

Each of the 35+ sessions will be recorded on video.  

You'll be able to watch the videos on your own time.  Watch them online or download them and watch them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Keep them forever and watch them again and again. 

Share the videos with your staff and volunteers.

Get the videos today and you'll also get 15 Bonus videos you can start watching immediately.

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We're giving you 10 videos to get you up and going right away.  

Why wait until the conference? Right? Start learning how to tell better stories that will raise you more money today.  

These 10 bonus videos are hand picked from sessions from previous years.  You'll be able to start watching these videos right after you purchase your ticket to this year's conference.  You'll also get the videos if you choose to purchase the "Video Only" option.

Here are the 10 videos you'll get for free:

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    Making Stories come to Life for Donors
  • check
    Getting Your Story Opened, Clicked, and Shared
  • check
    Finding and Using Your Stories
  • check
    Donor Sequence Fundamentals
  • check
    Using Storytelling in Fundraising
  • check
    The Real Story that Opens Donor’s Wallets - Part 1
  • check
    The Real Story that Opens Donor’s Wallets - Part 2
  • check
    Nail the Character and the World will Beat a Path to Your Door
  • check
    Advanced Storytelling Combines Your People and Money Stories
  • check
    Finding New Donors through Direct Mail

Get 5 Additional FREE videos.

When you purchase a ticket AND the videos from this year's conference, you'll also get an additional 5 free videos you can start watching today.

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Not only will you get all the sessions from this year's conference on video, you'll also be getting a total of 15 other videos from previous years' sessions. (A $500 Value)

Here are the 5 additional videos you'll get for free:

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    The Critical Role of Storytelling in Major Gifts Success
  • check
    Using Stories to Engage Monthly Donors
  • check
    The Right Story for the Right Audience: How to Segment Your Donors
  • check
    Story Through the Lens
  • check
    Your Event is a Story

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