Testimonials - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

4 times more donors in 2 weeks!

In just two weeks, and with her new storytelling strategies and tools, Kelly was able to bring in 4 times the amount of first time donors.  Plus, she reactivated 40 lapsed donors and got 14 new monthly donors.

Welcome to a different world.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is unlike any conference you've ever attended.

Your job is hard enough.

You are busy taking care of everyone else.  Let us take care of you.

Our goal is to create a space where you'll feel nurtured and cared for.  As you dive deep into the world of storytelling and connecting with donors, we also want you to have a great time and feel inspired when you leave.

Watch the videos below to learn what previous attendees had to say about their experience at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

"The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference teaches you how to hone your story, ways to make it better, ways to find and reach people in a better way... It's a quantum leap difference in what you do in terms of getting your message out." 
~ Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer - NCIS

"This year I brought my whole team... We are learning so much... I've been to a lot of other conferences.  This one has very practical information that is so useful to your everyday use." 
~ Linda Greenberg, Executive Director
Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation

"This, by far, has been the best conference I've attended... I came by myself and I've met so many others like myself... The experience I've had in two workshops has been completely worth it for me." 
~ Monica Reyes,  New Brunswick Tomorrow

"This is my fourth conference... After the first conference I went back and put into practice some of the things I learned and it led to tremendous success... Each year gets better and better." 
~ Tom Eremondi, Saskatoon City Hospital FDN 

Discover why an Executive Director sends her
Development Director to the conference every year.

Watch the video below


"I felt like a guest coming to somebody's house...It feels like a retreat with like-minded people wanting to learn."

- Rishi Behari


"It is one masterclass after another of people who are motivated to go out and do something positive in the world...It's electric."

- Mary Lynn Lalonde


"I'm here for the second time...It's absolutely magical...I feel inspired!"

- Julie Mikuska


"I am LOVING this conference! ...The variety of speakers here is fabulous. This is so inspiring I really want to go to work and get started sharing my clients' stories."

- Kavya Dharmarajan


"A tremendous learning experience...A lot of times our organizations are scared to try new things, and this gives me the courage and motivation to push for it."

- Mimi Kamilar


"Chocked full of rich information...So many concrete, tangible ideas that I will be able to put to work starting tomorrow."

- Susan Segall


"I came from Israel. Even if we had only come for one session yesterday, it would have been so worth it!"

- Rachel Grunbaum


"Within the first couple of hours I texted my boss and said - BEST CONFERENCE EVER!"

- Sherry Manschot

"A fabulous conference. Best one I've ever been to."

Kathleen Ashley Stevens - Carolinas HealthCare Foundation

"That was, hands down, the best conference I've attended!!!  An incredible 2 days of learning."

Renae Goettel - Make-A-Wish America

1 story,
1 month,
1 Million dollars.

It was unbelievable...

Tom's organization received their largest donation ever - and it all started with a story.

After attending the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, Tom started telling stories differently.  Donors took notice.  The income from his newsletter more than doubled.  But that wasn't the best part.

One of his stories attracted a brand new donor.

The donor made a whopping donation of $180,000.  Can you imagine getting a donation that large from a brand new donor? ...but this donor's story doesn't end there.

The donor wanted to do more.

Fast forward one month, and the same donor gave a second gift.  This time the donation was for 1.24 million dollars.  If you add that to the the donor's initial donation, it adds up to an unbelievable $1,420,00.00. And it all started with a story.

With better stories,
You can raise more money.

Tom's fundraising results may not be typical, but many of the past fundraising and communications people who attended the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference have reported amazing results.  Take Heidi Wong from Kin On Health Care as an example.

After attending the conference, Heidi completely rewrote her organization's year end appeal letter.  Instead of bringing in their usual $30,000, the new appeal letter brought in $124,000.  What made the difference?  It was her new storytelling skills.

The same thing happened when Rachelle tried out her new storytelling skills.  She was able to raise $50,000 more from her appeal letter.  And for her small nonprofit, she was also able to increase their donor retention by 8%.

"This offers a different perspective... inspiring... we're actually being challenged to think outside of our box... It's unlike any other conference." 
~ Bethany Glass, Emory University School of Law

"We brought 12 of our team members here from various departments...It's just been amazing to come out of the various sessions and watch our team light up with new ideas...There was so much more than we expected." 
~ Kathy Graves, Pioneer Bible Translators

"My brain is full, my network is larger, and my passion for helping South Dakota is at its peak! My two days at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference were nothing short of spectacular!"

Buddy Seiner - South Dakota Community Foundation

"I would send everyone I know to the conference. It was that good.  I tell people this is the best conference I have ever attended. I mean it."

Judy Whiting - OPAL Community Land Trust

Raising money should be joyful.

Raising money should be joyful... for you, and your donors.

Reduce fundraising stress and burnout.  

Come to this year's conference and learn how to make fundraising more enjoyable.  Get inspired and excited to raise more money.