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Every Thursday, the industry's best fundraisers will open up their bag of tricks and help YOU raise more money.  In about 10 minutes, you'll learn tactics that will help you tell better stories and motivate your donors to give. 

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This week on Tactical Thursdays...

Digital Fundraising Projections: A Quick How-To
with Eve Samborn McCool

Here's a great fundraising tool for you.

How'd you like to project how much money you raise with every email you send?

Or estimate how much you'll raise from your next round of Facebook ads?

Well, this week on Tactical Thursdays Eve Samborn McCool got the formulas you're looking for!

Eve's spent the last decade helping folks raise more money online -- and this week she'll help you understand the mix of math and art that goes into digital fundraising projections.

You'll learn Eve's formulas for projecting digital fundraising revenue and how to categorize your digital revenue to make your projections even more reliable. Oh, and Eve will talk about the metrics you should be tracking (so you can report to your boss or board!).

So whether your organization raises a LOT of money online or you're just starting to grow a digital fundraising program, join Eve Samborn McCool for a super important Tactical Thursdays at 11 am PST/2 pm EST on February 2nd.

This episode of Tactical Thursdays is for you if:

  • Your organization's digital fundraising budget has grown every year -- and you're looking to more accurately predict how much you'll raise with every email you send
  • You'd like to use Google or Facebook ads to bring in new donors, but don't know how much to expect to raise
  • Your new to your organization and want to establish a data-driven approach to digital fundraising

On deck for the next few weeks ...

Here are just a handful of the speakers you'll hear from on Tactical Thursdays in the near future:

February 9 -- Marc Pitman on Major Donor Fundraising
February 16 -- Mallory Erickson on Magnetic Fundraisers (That Means You!)
February 23 -- Tania Bhattacharyya on Preparing to Interview a Storyteller
March 2 -- Adam O'Brien on Social Media Fundraising
March 9 -- Jim Shapiro on Major Donor Fundraising

When you tell the right story to donors, they're more likely to make a gift ... and give you more.

And every Thursday you'll learn a fundraising tactic that will help you tell your donors the right story...the story that'll get you a gift.

You'll be able to immediately put that tactic into practice -- helping you raise more money every week.

Here's your chance to have your questions answered

After learning the new tactic, you'll be able to ask fundraising questions and get them answered by a member of the Nonprofit Storytelling Speaker Family.

Each session will be recorded

Even if you can't participate in Tactical Thursdays live, you can still watch and learn from them.

Each 10 minute session, along with the Q&A afterwards, will be recorded so you can watch them on your own schedule.

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