NPSC Videos Collection - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

If you know how to tell the right story,
you can raise a lot more money


"The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Video Collection"

This collection of videos will help you raise more money by making you a better storyteller.  This skill will help you raise more money through your direct mail appeals, emails, major donors, grants, and events.

You'll also learn how use storytelling to build greater awareness in your community.

1 story,
1 month,
1 Million dollars.

It was unbelievable...

Tom's organization received their largest donation ever - and it all started with a story.

After Tom implemented what he learned from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, he started telling stories differently.  Donors took notice.  The income from his newsletter more than doubled.  But that wasn't the best part.

One of his stories attracted a brand new donor.

The donor made a whopping donation of $180,000.  Can you imagine getting a donation that large from a brand new donor? ...but this donor's story doesn't end there.

The donor wanted to do more.

Fast forward one month, and the same donor gave a second gift.  This time the donation was for 1.24 million dollars.  If you add that to the the donor's initial donation, it adds up to an unbelievable $1,420,00.00. And it all started with a story.

With better stories,
You can raise more money.

Tom's fundraising results may not be typical, but many of the fundraising and communications folks who learned new storytelling skills at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference have reported amazing results.  Take Heidi Wong from Kin On Health Care as an example.

After attending the conference, Heidi completely rewrote her organization's year end appeal letter.  Instead of bringing in their usual $30,000, the new appeal letter brought in $124,000.  What made the difference?  It was her new storytelling skills.

The same thing happened when Rachelle tried out her new storytelling skills.  She was able to raise $50,000 more from her appeal letter.  And for her small nonprofit, she was also able to increase their donor retention by 8%.

4 times more donors in 2 weeks!

In just two weeks, and with her new storytelling strategies and tools, Kelly was able to bring in 4 times the amount of first time donors.  Plus, she reactivated 40 lapsed donors and got 14 new monthly donors.

It all comes down to this...

In order to raise more money, you must get people excited to support your cause.  And the best way to do that is by telling the right stories.

When you get the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Video Collection, you will learn how to identify and tell better stories across many aspects of your fundraising and donor communications.

You'll learn how to tap into your donor's emotions.

You'll learn about digital media storytelling, major donor storytelling, visual storytelling, and telling stories at special events.  You'll learn the basics of storytelling as well as some advanced storytelling techniques - such as how to structure and implement a series of stories to increase donations and donor retention.

Here's what you'll get

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Video Collection includes all the session videos from past conferences (2014-2022). In total, there are over 250 session videos.

You can use these videos to train your staff and board members.

Watch and learn how the best and most successful fundraisers raise more money. The strategies you're about to learn work in any political or economic climate.  

Get the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Video Collection and start raising more money right away.  

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