Story Tour - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference
Discover how nonprofits all across America are using storytelling to engage their communities and raise more money.

The Nonprofit Story Tour

What makes a society great?

Is it politics or people?

Come on a journey with us as we travel the country.  We’ll meet and film some amazing people working at nonprofit organizations.  And we’ll discover how philanthropy is changing America and the world around us.

You’ll learn how stories shape our communities and inspire people to take action.

Pack your bags and explore this diverse country with us.  We’ll travel to over 34 states and meet some great people making the world a better place.

The Nonprofit Story Tour began on July 15, 2017. 

This road trip adventure is being filmed and made into a video series.  Sign up below to watch the episodes as they are released - it's FREE.

These stories will inspire you.  

Along the way, you'll also discover storytelling strategies and techniques you can use to better connect with donors and supporters. ​ Become part of the Nonprofit Story Tour family.

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