4 Little Books with Big Ideas - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

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4 Little Books with Big Ideas

Get these 4 books for $20.

These four books are designed to help you connect with your donors.  They'll help you find and tell the stories that engage donors on a more personal level.

Here are the 4 books you'll get:

  • Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members
  • Interviewing for Impact
  • Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide and Journal
  • The Golden Appeal

Right now you can get this set of 4 books for only $20.

We have a limited supply of these books.  Not many remain.  To learn more about each of the books, read lower on this page.

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This collection is made of the following 5 session videos from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference: 

  • Donor Surveys that Gather Stories and Connect with Donors
  • Using Humor to Deepen Connection
  • What Happens When the Party's Over
  • How to Solicit and Steward with Empathy
  • Thanks + Story to Grow Donors + Gifts

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To learn more about each of the 4 books, please read below: 


Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members

Do your board members inspire others to give?

They can with stories!

When your board members are comfortable telling stories, you raise more money, and more people become engaged with your organization.  

“Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members” is a small, easy to read,  book.  It is designed to help board members tell better stories, and get them comfortable telling them in your community.

Board members will learn:

  1. Three types of stories they need to tell

  2. The four building blocks of a powerful story

  3. Seven story triggers to keep their listener captivated
  4. Three phrases to engage anybody

  5. How to structure a story for maximum effectiveness

  6. How to find great stories

  7. What types of details to include in their stories

  8. There is also a section with exercises to help your board members easily craft their own stories


Interviewing for Impact

This step-by-step guide will help you interview your organization’s clients, and uncover powerful fundraising stories.

Powerful fundraising stories are born out of the questions you ask.

There's a specific process to finding the heart of each story. It's a process that involves clarifying one’s vision, finding the person to personify that vision, asking thoughtful and intentional questions, and listening deeply.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • 3 key areas to focus on
  • The ONE thing your interviewee's story must have
  • How to set up the Interview
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • The 4 types of questions to ask
  • Two specific ways to get a better interview
  • What you should bring to the interview
  • Tips and Tricks for getting deeper and more emotional answers from your interviewee

You'll also get a list of over 30 sample questions you can use to start generating your own interview questions.


Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide and Journal

Donors give based on the stories you tell.

Discovering and collecting your best stories is vital for raising more money.  Better stories also help keep your donors engaged longer.

Because each donor is different, you’ll benefit from having a library of stories.  You’ll be able to appeal to a variety of donors. And by making sure you have fresh stories to share, your current donors will stay engaged longer.

This handy little field guide and journal is small enough to fit in your pocket. But don’t let the size fool you.  This little book is a powerful tool for helping you, your staff, and your volunteers find and collect engaging stories.

If you’d like help discovering and collecting your organization’s powerful stories, then get this book.


The Golden Appeal

This book shows you how you can raise more money with your appeals and e-appeals.

You'll get a proven recipe and instructions for creating appeals that your donors will love, and that will raise you more money.

You’ll want to keep this book, The Golden Appeal, next to your computer.  Use it as a trusted resource.  It will become your best friend as you write your appeals.  

With this book by your side, you'll have at your fingertips:

  • the recipe for a Golden Appeal
  • instructions for putting the right ingredients in the right order
  • a checklist so you can make sure your appeal follows the recipe

So if you would like to raise more money with your next appeal or e-appeal, get this book today. 

Trust the Golden Appeal recipe, it works!

Order your books today
Get all 4 books, plus the "Donor Stewardship 5 Video Collection"
for only $20 - while supplies last

Order your books today
Get all 4 books, plus the
"Donor Stewardship 5 Video Collection"
all for only $20 - while supplies last.