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Free Book – Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide & Journal

Donors give based on the stories you tell.

Discovering and collecting your best stories is vital for raising more money. Better stories also help keep your donors engaged longer.

Get the “Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide & Journal” for FREE.

Can you raise money without telling a story?

Unlike buying something at a store, when a donor gives you her money, she gets no physical “thing” in return. What she does get in return is a story …a story she can tell herself and others.

Stories make donors feel good.​

A story is proof that she did something wonderful in the world.

In a way, stories are a form of currency.

Because each donor is different, you’ll benefit from having a library of stories. You’ll be able to appeal to a variety of donors. By making sure you have fresh stories to share, your current donors will stay engaged longer.

This handy little field guide and journal is small enough to fit in your pocket. But don’t let the size fool you. This little book is a powerful tool for helping you, your staff, and your volunteers find and collect engaging stories.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

    1. Definition of a Story
    2. Why Collect Stories
    3. Types of Stories
    4. What Makes a Story Motivating
    5. Different Story Elements
    6. How to Gather Stories from your Staff & Volunteers
    7. How to Begin Collecting Stories
    8. Call to Action Journal
    9. Story Journal
    10. Additional Resources

You can have this book for FREE.

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You can download a free version of the book, or we’ll send you a free paperback of the book. For the paper version, we ask that you to help us with the shipping and handling. In the US, it’s only $4.95 (international S&H is a little more).

If you’d like help discovering and collecting your organization’s powerful stories, then click the which version of the book you’d like.