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From the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Vault
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Do you need a quick infusion of donations to your organization?

Then send out this donation generating email.

All you'll need to do is watch a video.  In it, Steven Screen will walk you through -- line by line -- how to write an email that's proven to be very powerful in quickly bringing in donations.

Steven Screen's going to make it so simple for you.

When your done watching the video, you'll have completely written an email to send to your donors right away.  And it'll raise you money.

Just like it did for the fundraisers in the room at the Conference.

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Once you've watched the video and written the email, you'll have the chance to have Steven review your email LIVE during a special webinar.  The video will come down just before the webinar starts on Friday, March 17.

So if you'd like to raise money quickly and have an expert help you write a powerful email, click the button below.


Here are just two examples of how much people raised within hours of writing (and sending) this type of email.  

"We raised over $2000 in 48 hours, and have gone on to raise over $5000.  In fact, a donor who had already given generously this year sent in $1000 because of the email." Jenny Darlington-Person, Executive Director, Music in the Mountains

"Within 2 hours, the email had raised $1,200. It's been two weeks exactly now and we have raised $8,500 from that single email. Oh my goodness!Sarah Curry, Manager of Storytelling Group, Cookson Hills


This special 'From the Vault' release is part of the bonus videos for people who purchase a ticket to the 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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Writing an email like this is really simple once you know the formula.

(BTW -- in the video, Steven shares the formula and actually writes one of these emails.  You can download the example and use it to guide your own writing.)

To help you raise the most money, I'll be hosting a live webinar with Steven where he'll review emails submitted by people who watched the video.   He'll review as many emails as possible in the time permitted -- yours may be one of them!  He will also troubleshoot some of the most common issues fundraisers have in writing emails like this.  

The webinar will happen LIVE at 10 am Pacific on Friday, March 17.

Donations are everywhere.  Let Steven Screen show you how to find them.

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