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The Complete Fundraising Package

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Get instant access to 20 more videos that will transform the way you raise money and tell stories.

You can raise a lot of money when you tell your donor the right story, at the right time... but you need to tell the story well.  

As a fundraiser, one of the most powerful fundraising skills you can have is knowing what types of stories will attract and engage donors. And that's the powerful skill you're going to learn with this special collection called "The Complete Fundraising Package."

Your new storytelling skills will help you attract more donors (and more donations).

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You'll learn how to collect and share stories that will grow your fundraising all year round -- through four different fundraising channels

To learn about the four fundraising channels, read below.

With the 'Complete Fundraising Package' you'll get instant and lifetime access to four more video collections to help you raise money and tell better stories. 

These recorded sessions from previous Nonprofit Storytelling Conferences are full of powerful, money-raising tactics and advice... they've helped thousands of fundraisers just like you.

Here are the four collections you'll get:

You'll learn the secrets to major donor storytelling... so you can leverage your donors generosity.

  1. Major Donor Storytelling for Action!
  2. The Critical Role of Storytelling in Major Gifts Success
  3. Major Gift Success in 3 Simple Steps
  4. Matching Gifts Magic!
  5. The Major Donor Magic Formula for Determining How Much to Ask For

You'll learn how to connect with your donors through the mail... so you can reliably raise money every time you send an appeal or newsletter.

  1. Why Your Organization Should Create a Gift Catalog and Why They Work So Well
  2. Tying it All Together; What Stories to Tell & When to Tell Them to Raise Money in Direct Mail
  3. Finding new Donors through Direct Mail
  4. Do's and Don'ts of Newsletters that Raise Money
  5. How to Write a Killer Reply Form

You'll learn how to collect and tell stories that will inspire your donor to give... and give generously.

  1. The Art of the Interview
  2. The Purpose of Story
  3. The Conversational Case: How to Get and Tell the Stories for Your Fundraising Needs
  4. Video Production In Your Pocket
  5. Hooked on a Feeling

You'll learn how to raise more money online... so you're able to reach more donors, more quickly, at a fraction of the cost.

  1. How to use Facebook to Grow Your Email List, Cultivate Your Supporters, and Prime Your Donors
  2. How to Get More People to Give by Turning Your Website into a Laboratory
  3. Reporting to Donors by Email
  4. Creating a High Converting Donation Page
  5. Keeping Communication Personal in a Digital World

These video sessions are powerful.  They've helped thousands of fundraisers, people just like you, turn their stories into donations.

Each of these sessions will help you raise money ... and because you get instant access to them, you could be raising money as soon as this afternoon.  That's how quickly some of these money-raising, storytelling strategies work.

Each of these individual collections retails for $395. All 20 videos go for $1,580.  

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