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In this episode:

How to Tell Powerful Stories in Newsletters

In this episode from the Nonprofit Story Tour, you'll learn how to tell powerful stories in your newsletters that will make your donors feel GREAT about their giving.

You'll also learn how what kind of pictures you should include in your newsletters to raise the most money (and what kind you shouldn't include).

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Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • How storytelling + storylistening = transformational fundraising
  • Powerful questions you can ask of your community... to connect with them on a deeper level
  • The three big mistakes most nonprofits make when creating fundraising videos (and how to avoid them) 
  • The magic storytelling formula a Hollywood producer uses to keep audiences engaged ... and how you can use it in your storytelling
  • How -- and when -- to add comedy to your event speeches, appeals and newsletters
  • How to get past the 'Donor Gatekeeper Problem' 
  • The secret behind one of the most powerful, money-raising newsletters (from the woman who created it)
  • What stories you should tell new donors... so you can get another gift
  • How one organization used storytelling to craft a new vision statement.  And then boosted their fundraising by 200% (!!)
  • How to make your fundraising letters feel personal (and simple way to boost response rates)
  • The key ingredient to using social media to raise more money (hint: it's storytelling)
  • How to find million dollar stories

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