Story Jam - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Story Jam

Written by Sheena Greer

… 1000 monkeys working on 1000 typewriters…

I am but one monkey working on a laptop with a busted “h” key, but I still know a good story when I see one.

I also know that storytelling is truly one of the most important tools that any nonprofit can use to grow an audience, garner support, and raise money.

I also know that if you’re looking to learn anything about nonprofit storytelling, you should seriously consider attending the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference in Seattle this November.

Two days. The biggest names in nonprofit storytelling. A room full of eager fundraisers. And you. What could be better?

If you’re not convinced yet, I’m here to convince you. And so are the list of speakers who not only want a chance to meet you and hear your story, but want to help you tell better stories to raise more money for your causes.

They are so convinced that they have agreed to spend an hour with me on Skype to talk about their philosophies on storytelling and give you a sneak peek at what you’ll get when you sign up for the conference.

Why would ANYONE suffer through an hour with me unless they were SUPER DUPER FREAKIN EXCITED FOR THIS CONFERENCE!?

Get your conference ticket here

Introducing Story Jams…

Just like my Colludo Jam Sammiches, Story Jams seek to explore the topic of storytelling in a conversational way. The result isn’t quite a typical blog post or interview – it reads more like a literary essay or think piece. You can read some of the jams I’ve conducted over the past year with some of my favourite fundraisers to get a sense of what to expect.

These conversations dive deep into storytelling and explore each speaker’s thoughts on what storytelling is, why it is important, and how they came to realize just what an incredible tool it is for provoking action in your donors, supporters and community.

Over the coming weeks, stay tuned here and to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference’s website as jams are unveiled.

And if you have any questions about the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, contact their sweet organizing team. They’d be tickled pink to hear from you!

Your Lovable Fundraising MacGuffin*,


PS – if you’re wondering how I busted the “h” key on my laptop, I won’t keep you guessing. I wish I had a glamorous explanation, but I actually think it’s just a cookie crumb that I can’t dislodge. But what kind of cookie was it? You’ll never know…

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