NPSC 2022 Survey 1 - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

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We've been hearing some folks are having a rough year.  

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So, for us to better understand you, would you mind taking a moment to fill out the survey below?

Your responses will help us tailor the keynotes, breakouts and session topics to meet what you and your peers need now, in 2022, as our industry continues to adapt to the world around us.

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Chris Davenport, Shanon Doolittle and Marc Pitman

we do things a little bit differently here.  We plan the story arc of the Storytelling Conference based on what our guests would like to

experience then we then craft the conference sessions to meet those very specific needs.  Our final step is to search for the experts to who match the qualifications requested by our guests.   This is usually

by recommendation. 

Just so you know, in order to create the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference experience we ask the speakers come a day early for orientation and coaching.  The speakers stay for the entire conference to be available to the guests in an ongoing collaborative workshopping atmosphere.  Speakers often call on one another during sessions to illuminate an issue and/or bring a particular storytelling perspective to the group.  

We share the wisdom in the room.

First time presenters pay for their own travel and accommodations.  If our guests find your information compelling, relevant, and immediately useful in their organizations, they’ll want you back!

If your content fits into the story arc a future Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, and you are able to return, we are able to offer a travel stipend and accommodations.

With that in mind, if you can answer a few questions, that would help us know where and when you may fit into future conferences: 

  1. When did you learn the power of storytelling in your profession?
  2. Who is your ideal audience?  What is their biggest struggle?
  3. When your session is over, what knowledge, tools and step-by-step strategies will your audience leave with?

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