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Before you get started on your fundraising journey with Steven Screen, read on for a special opportunity to help you raise even more money.


What do two of the industry's best fundraisers teach when they're on stage, in front of fundraisers eager to learn the latest trends in nonprofit fundraising?

You're about to find out ...

6 Ways to Help You Raise More Money
~ The Better Fundraising Collection ~

Steven Screen and Jim Shapiro share powerful money-raising tactics and tips every time they speak to fundraisers at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

And for a limited time, you can get instant access to 6 of their most impactful sessions from Conferences past.

Here's just some of what they cover:

  • From identifying the BEST STORY TO TELL when you're asking, thanking or reporting to a donor
  • To pinpointing the exact amount you should ask your MAJOR DONORS for
  • From how to write a NEW DONOR WELCOME SERIES that makes your donor feel so great she gives again
  • To an easy-to-follow plan for creating a PLANNED GIVING CAMPAIGN in your major donor fundraising

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Steven and Jim have developed and refined these tactics over more than 50 years (collectively) of helping nonprofits and coaching fundraisers 

Powerful tactics.  Proven to raise money.  More money.

Quickly ... and over the long-term.

One fundraiser used what she learned from Jim in the morning to ask a major donor for a gift over lunch.  By the end of the day, she had a gift for $250,000!

For the first time, these sessions are available as an on-demand fundraising crash course

They're perfect for any fundraiser looking to boost revenue and inspire their donors to give generously

These videos are required watching for fundraisers looking to find new donors and get bigger gifts from the ones they already have.

Here's exactly what you'll get when you purchase the special collection '6 Ways to Help You Raise More Money.'

A Simple (But Amazing) Donor Welcome Series that Gets Donors to Give Again - Steven Screen
$79 included

Learn how to engage new donors with stories so that they want to give you a second gift.

In this video, Steven Screen will show you how to construct an effective New Donor Welcome series.

You’ll learn all the ingredients that go into a new donor thank you letter, new donor report, and the ingredients that go into the kind of appeal that generates a second gift from new donors.

If you don’t have an effective new donor welcome series you are missing out on a lot of revenue, and you are not keeping as many of your donors as you could be. This video will help you turn your new donors into long-term donors. And with the welcome series you create, you’ll start generating more donations.

The Major Donor Magic Formula for Determining How Much to Ask For - Jim Shapiro
$79 included

What amount of money should you ask a major donor to give you?

What story should you tell that will make them want to say yes?

In this recorded session, you'll learn a simple formula that will get you raising more money from your major donors. You’ll learn how to create a compelling ask that describes what their gift will do and asks for the right amount of money. If you’ve ever wondered about what to ask your majors for, this video is for you.

What Type of Story to Tell Donors When You're Asking, Thanking, or Reporting Back to Them - Steven Screen
$79 included

In this video, Steven Screen will show you what type of story you should tell when communicating to your donors.

Knowing the right story to tell when you’re asking, thanking, and reporting to donors is critical if you want to raise the most money possible (and without any extra effort).

Once you've watched this video, you'll have a very clear understanding of what types of stories work best when you’re communicating with your donors.

How to Create a Planned Giving Campaign - Jim Shapiro
$79 included

Planned gifts are often the largest gifts an organization ever receives, but a lot of fundraisers feel uncomfortable talking to donors about making one. 

In this recorded session, Jim Shapiro will take the fear out of bequests. He will share the fundamentals of legacy giving: who to ask, how to ask, and where to ask.

When you’re done watching this video, you’ll have samples of the materials you need for a successful legacy gift campaign.

Story Offers: The Bridge From Storytelling to Fundraising - Steven Screen
$79 included

Telling this type of story is THE KEY to raising more money.

Whether you are raising money through the mail, at events, or sitting shoulder to shoulder with somebody, you can raise more money using a Story Offer.

After spending millions of dollars on direct mail fundraising and testing, and working on countless peer-to-peer fundraisers and events, Steven has learned what type of story raises the most money and how to tell it.

In this recorded session, Steven will share the ingredients that go into the Story Offer. And he’ll make it very simple for you to come up with your own Story Offer. This way, you’ll raise the most money each time you’re in front of a donor.

If you want to learn how to increase donations across all your fundraising, this video's for you

Major Donor Storytelling for Action! - Jim Shapiro
$79 included

The best way to inspire a major donor is to tell them a story.  

But what is the best story to tell a major donor?

You'll learn the four big ideas behind major donor storytelling and the two types of stories you should always be telling your major donors.  You'll also learn Jim's pro-tip for asking a major donor to make a matching gift (which major donors love!).

These video sessions are powerful.  They've helped fundraisers just like you turn their stories into donations.

Each of these recorded sessions will help you raise money ... and because you get instant access to them, you could be raising money as soon as this afternoon.  That's how quickly some of these money-raising, storytelling strategies work.

And when you pair what you learn in these videos with the video on writing great first sentences, you can raise more money ... at a moment's notice.

To learn these tactics and tips from Steven and Jim, fundraisers and nonprofit leaders paid more than $1,000 for a ticket to the conference, travel and lodging.  And that's a great deal, considering how much money people have raised after learning from Steven and Jim.

Because you're a part of the family now, I don't want you to have to pay $1,000.  Or even $474 (the street value of these videos).

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