2022 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

The 2022 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place on
October 27-29, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas at the Grand Hyatt

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You can engage your community and raise more money if you know how to tell powerful stories.  Learn what stories to tell and how to tell them when you come to this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference delivers tremendous value.  Watch what people had to say about last year's conference:

Donations are everywhere.

All you need is the right story to tell.

When you come to this year's conference, you're going to learn how to craft the very best stories for raising money.  And to help you, there are three types of sessions that are tailored to help you raise the most money.

The three types of sessions are:

  • Raise Money Today Sessions
  • Get it Done Sessions
  • Need to Know Sessions

"Raise Money Today" Sessions

Every morning during the conference we're going to help you craft a story to tell your donors so you can raise money every day of the conference.

Donations are everywhere, and we’ll show you how to get them immediately...every day of the conference.  You’ll love watching gifts come in as each day goes on.

Picking the right story so you can raise money on any given day is a skill you'll be able to bring back to your organization.


To help you speed up your fundraising, we've created special sessions where we help you create your donor communications.  We call these sessions "Get it Done" sessions.

"Get it Done" Sessions

These sessions will help you create and complete money raising donor communications for your fundraising toolbox, so you can raise money quickly when you get back from the conference.

These are a whole new level of training.

You've never seen anything quite like these sessions before...and you are going to LOVE them.


With the help of the experts teaching these "Get it Done" sessions, you will walk away from the conference with a completed first draft of your:

  • Fundraising appeal letter
  • New Donor Welcome Series
  • Donor Reporting Letter
  • Major Donor plan
  • and more...

Forget having to look through your conference notes back at your office and try to write your fundraising materials. At the conference, you’ll have the time and the help you need in writing the first draft of some of your fundraising materials. 

Imagine how much time that will save you.  

And you'll feel GREAT knowing that your donor communications are going to raise you more money. 

In addition to the "Raise Money Today" sessions and the  "Get it Done" sessions, you'll also have your pick of different "Need to Know" sessions.

"Need to Know" Sessions

In these sessions, you'll learn storytelling strategies to better communicate with your donors and community.  You’ll love knowing how to communicate more powerfully.

These sessions will help get you over the hurdles you face as a fundraiser.

As somebody who needs to raise money, you're going to learn storytelling strategies to help you:

  • find and collect stories that engage donors
  • get your board to help you raise money
  • raise more money at events
  • connect with your community
  • and more...

Come to the 2022 conference and learn how to raise more money by telling better stories.

You’re going to be amazed at what you’ll be able to accomplish at this year’s conference.

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Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

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your colleagues are saying about the conference.

Transport your donor to a world she cares about

Have you ever wondered why a donor presentation fell flat or why an appeal letter didn’t raise as much money as you thought it should? It’s because you didn’t tell the right story in the right way.

When you have the right stories, told in the right way, your fundraising becomes more engaging and raises you more money.

The best way to connect with your donors is through storytelling.

At the 2022 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference you’re going to learn how to tell the right story in the right way for your:

  • Fundraising Appeals
  • Newsletters
  • Major Donors
  • Monthly Donors
  • Events
  • and more!
The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place in
San Antonio, Texas, October 27-29, 2022

The 2022 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is being held at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. 

The hotel is on the world famous Riverwalk.  Come join in the fun and beautiful weather San Antonio has to offer. 


Can't make the trip in person?  

Get ALL of the sessions on video

If you can't make it to San Antonio for the conference, then get the videos.  It's the next best thing to being there in person.

Each of the sessions will be recorded on video.  

You'll be able to watch the videos on your own time.  Watch them online or download them and watch them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Keep them forever and watch them again and again. 

Share the videos with your staff and volunteers.


Get 7 FREE Bonus Videos to 
Help You Raise Money Right Away

Start telling better stories and raising more money this afternoon

You don't have to wait until the conference to tell better stories. You could be telling better stories and raising more money in the next couple of hours. 

These 7 bonus videos are hand picked sessions from previous years.  You'll be able to start watching these videos right after you purchase your ticket to this year's conference.  You'll also get the videos if you choose to purchase the "Video Only" option.

Here are the 7 videos you'll get for free:

  • Story of Urgent Need 
  • How to Get New Monthly Donors With the Stories You Already Have
  • How to use Facebook to grow your email list, cultivate your supporters, and prime your donors
  • Growing Online Fundraising & Creating valuable free content that generates an email list of potential new donors
  • Your Board, and How They Can Help You With Major Donor Fundraising
  • Turning Doubters into Donors - Writing a Case for Support
  • Crafting an email welcome series and fundraising emails to get a second gift

Watch these videos immediately after buying a ticket or the videos to this year's conference. 

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