5 Principles to Manage Through a Recession - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference


Set Your Nonprofit Up for Success:
5 Principles to Manage Through a Recession

Because of the Coronavirus, we are entering into a recession.

Would you like to know how to move forward in this age of uncertainty?

If you feel like you've lost some control during this pandemic, then watch the webinar below.  You'll learn how to get back some of that control.

The webinar features Cameron Ripley from Community Boost.

Takeaways include:

  • Understand what the economic downturn means for your nonprofit based on historical data and recent trends
  • Get help with your strategic planning during these challenging times 
  • Learn what digital marketing best practices work best
  • Discover how to approach development and fundraising during a downturn
  • How to apply the 5 principles to manage your nonprofit through a recession

Watch the webinar below

Featuring Cameron Ripley
Hosted by Shanon Doolittle   Sponsored by Bloomerang

Presentation slides - click here

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