50 Types of Lead Magnets to Help You Grow Your Email List

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50 Types of Lead Magnets to Help You Grow Your Email List

Lead magnets are the secret to growing your email list and finding new donors.

What’s a lead magnet you ask? It’s something so compelling folks will give you their email to get it -- think e-book, interactive quiz, online course, videos or audio book.

To help you pinpoint the right lead magnet for your organization, here’s a list of 50 lead magnet categories!

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  1. E-books: Comprehensive guides on your cause.
  2. Webinars: Live sessions with experts discussing your nonprofit's focus.
  3. Online Courses: Training modules about relevant skills or knowledge areas.
  4. Case Studies: Real-life examples of the impact of your organization.
  5. Infographics: Visual presentations of key facts and figures.
  6. Templates: For planning, organizing, or other relevant activities.
  7. Checklists: Steps to achieve a goal related to your nonprofit's mission.
  8. Resource Lists: Tools, websites, or books your audience might find useful.
  9. Whitepapers: In-depth research papers on topics pertinent to your cause.
  10. Podcasts: Regular episodes featuring discussions about your nonprofit's work.
  11. Printables: Calendars, posters, or planners with themed designs.
  12. Exclusive Videos: Interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, or other unique content.
  13. Survey Results: Insights from research or polls your organization conducted.
  14. Sample Chapters: From a relevant book or upcoming publication.
  15. Event Tickets: Exclusive passes to workshops, seminars, or fundraisers.
  16. Challenges: 30-day activities to raise awareness or funds.
  17. Reports: Annual summaries, impact statistics, or future projections.
  18. Interactive Quizzes: Engaging tests with results that tie back to your cause.
  19. Slide Decks: From past presentations or talks.
  20. Exclusive Articles: In-depth pieces not available on your regular blog.
  21. Discount Coupons: For your online store or partner organizations.
  22. Photo Albums: From your events, trips, or initiatives.
  23. Community Access: Exclusive membership to a private online community or forum.
  24. Toolkits: A set of resources to help achieve a certain task.
  25. Databases: Curated lists or data sets relevant to your audience.
  26. Fact Sheets: Quick-reference guides on topics related to your mission.
  27. Interactive Maps: Displaying your work, beneficiaries, or other relevant locations.
  28. FAQ Guides: Addressing common questions or concerns.
  29. Story Collections: From beneficiaries, volunteers, or donors.
  30. Art and Craft Tutorials: Related to your cause or mission.
  31. Calendars: With important dates, events, or themed around your mission.
  32. Documentaries: Short films about your work or beneficiaries.
  33. Games/Puzzles: Themed after your cause, perhaps an online game or printable puzzle.
  34. Merchandise: Limited edition items or samples.
  35. Music Playlists: Curated to evoke feelings related to your cause.
  36. Workbooks: Interactive guides to explore topics deeper.
  37. DIY Kits: Related to your cause (e.g., environmental cleanup kits).
  38. Greeting Cards: Themed around your nonprofit's mission.
  39. Bookmarks: With inspirational quotes or information.
  40. Stickers: Digital or physical, celebrating your cause.
  41. Coloring Pages: With designs related to your mission.
  42. Flashcards: With key facts, terms, or other educative content.
  43. Personalized Reports: Tailored feedback on a user's engagement with your cause.
  44. Predictive Tools: Like calculators or estimators for contributions.
  45. Audiobooks: Narrations of your content or stories.
  46. Testimonials: Stories of impact from your beneficiaries.
  47. Blueprints: Strategies, plans, or models you've adopted for success.
  48. Patterns: For knitting, sewing, or other crafts that tie into your cause.
  49. Training Modules: For volunteers or those interested in your field of work.
  50. Stencils: Themed after your cause, for art projects or events.

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