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Nifty Fifty Fridays

Looking for clever, innovative ideas to supercharge your nonprofit?

Maybe you want to spread your message further, energize your board members, rake in more donations, or simply bring a touch of fun to your dedicated team? We've got you covered!

Introducing "Nifty Fifty Fridays" - a treasure trove of brilliant tips, tactics, and tidbits, sent right to your inbox every single week!

With "Nifty Fifty Fridays," you'll get access to a new list of 50 fantastic tips every Friday.

What makes a topic worthy of a Nifty Fifty Fridays list?

They've gotta be fresh ideas -- not just any old tips!  We're talking about creative, actionable strategies to elevate your organization, boost your fundraising efforts, and increase community engagement. 

Here's just a sample of what makes a topic worth of being a Nifty Fifty Fridays list!

  • It will help you bring out the best in your nonprofit (like 50 Ways to Engage Your Major Donors, or 50 Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track)
  • It will help you take care of yourself - as a fundraiser or nonprofit leader but also as a HUMAN BEING! (like 50 Ways to be Happy)
  • It gives you quick, practical tips to help you grow your organization (like 50 Tips to Improve Nonprofit Board Governance, or 50 Techniques for Effective Nonprofit Storytelling)
  • It's playful and fun and topical (like 50 Ways to Beat the HOT Summer Heat)

Nifty Fifty Fridays is our way of saying thanks for the incredible work you do

You're always looking for new ways to serve your mission.  And with Nifty Fifty Fridays, we've made it our mission to serve you! 

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