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Chris Davenport
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Chris Davenport

As a child, I realized stories fueled everything.

As soon as I could write, I was writing screenplays.  As soon as I could work a camera, I was making films.  I've worked on feature films in Hollywood, and produced documentaries around the country.

I fell into the nonprofit storytelling world and haven't looked back.​  I love crafting the authentic human story.  But the real pleasure comes when an audience responds emotionally to a story I've crafted.  I'm fascinated by what moves people, and how certain words, images, and story pacing affects people.

I believe our world revolves around stories.  And that stories are a form of global currency.  

One of my favorite storytellers is...

...Julius K Nyerere.  What he was able to accomplish with stories is awe inspiring to me.  He grew up in Tanganyika (now known as Tanzania).  Tanganyika was under British rule, and before that had been ruled by Germany among other countries.  Julius K Nyerere set out to take Tanganyika back and let its people rule themselves.  He said it would take bloodshed.  But in the end, not one drop of blood was spilled.  It took time, but Julius knew the power of a good story.  He traveled the country telling stories and getting people to invest in a larger story...the story of independence.  Without Julius tapping into storytelling, I believe Tanzania would never have gained their independence peacefully.

Books I've written:

Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members

The Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide & Journal

Interviewing for Impact

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