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Diane Knoepke
Senior Consultant
The Alford Group

Diane Knoepke

I’m Hoosier by birth and Chicagoan by choice. I don’t tend to embrace the status quo, so I spend my professional life working in organizational and social change (typically simultaneously).

My former boss says you can learn a lot about a person’s priorities by the stories they tell about their first job. He’s right, as many of my stories about selling women’s clothing at 16 and 17 are about my mini-crusades against what I saw as the wrong metrics and the wrong structure to facilitate team success.

My work at The Alford Group centers on working with clients to shape the best research questions and design the most effective strategic answers, often focusing on solving business problems through social means.

One of my favorite storytellers is...

...Mary Karr, memoirist, poet, and lyricist. 

In her writing, she is specific yet economical, writes with great vulnerability without self-indulgence, and she has a wit that won’t quit. She is one of those great storytellers who teach us something from their experience that we can use to illuminate our own.Each of her works—my favorites include The Liars’ Club (memoir), Sinners Welcome (poetry), and KIN (album with Rodney Crowell)—trades in the gritty truth, full as it is of contradictions and gory details. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak (and read and sing) live twice now, and even in a filled auditorium, it is a personal experience.

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