Discover what your donors really want. - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Discover what your donors really want.

This video features Tom Ahern and Jeff Brooks.

In the video below, you'll learn how one university raises money from 63% of their alumni (the national average is only 13%).  Even if you're not a university,  ​you can apply this same type of tactic to your organization.

You'll also learn 9 things your donors truly want (it's not what you think).

And Jeff Brooks shares his 5 magic bricks for building donor stories.  ...and there's more. Watch the video below.

Come see Tom and Jeff at the 2017 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Click here.

Raise more money, the FUN way...

Come to this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and discover how storytelling can dramatically improve your fundraising.  

Could your nonprofit increase giving by 1,000% -- just by telling better stories?

One brand-name children's hospital did ... and it wasn't a "medical miracle," either.

Why are some charities setting records in annual fundraising -- while others remain trapped like tar-bound mastodons in a death spiral of diminishing returns?

In two words: better storytelling.

...the kind of storytelling that makes the donor the hero.

...the kind of crisp storytelling suited for today's hyper-fast message environment, in both digital and print.

...the kind of unabashedly emotional storytelling that connects directly with the human limbic system -- a.k.a., the place in our brains where purchase decisions (e.g., gifts to charity) are made.

"Can we talk frankly?"​

Look, the truth is, this conference isn't for everyone.​

  • It's for those of you who are already fundraising stars ... but know you still have something important to learn about effective storytelling.
  • It's for determined younger fundraisers who don't want to repeat the storytelling mistakes of the outgoing generation. (And speaking as one of that generation, I know those mistakes are legion ... leaving billions in unrealized gifts on the table!)
  • It's for capital campaign fundraisers who want to get off to the fastest start possible ... by fielding a great story that inspires wealthy donors to share the vision (as Bow Valley College did in Calgary).
  • And it's for savvy, success-oriented nonprofit CEOs who know that top-quality storytelling is THE secret to increased donor support and long-lasting organizations.

There are plenty of conferences to choose from: AFP, AHP, CASE, ADRP, ALDE and so many others. "We offer more than 150 educational sessions!" boasts one heavily advertised fundraising conference.

But that's exactly the problem, in our view.

Typical fundraising conferences cover every conceivable topic ... and nothing in depth. You sip and sample. But you do NOT feast.

It's expensive to go to these things ...

... and you have to ask yourself, to what end? Where's the return on investment? Was it worth the cost to my organization?

Seriously: when was the last time you attended a conference ... and made back those hefty registration fees and expenses, thanks to what you learned?

"I was there when everything changed!"​

What makes it different?

This conference has a single focus: increasing your profitability through better storytelling. And because of that, attending the conference should quickly pay for itself ... many times over. [1]

I repeat: this particular fundraisers' conference is about just one thing -- helping your charity make FAR more money ... by changing the way you tell stories ...

... in your appeals, your newsletters, your website, your e-blasts, your annual reports, your social media, your bequest marketing, your capital campaign materials, face-to-face ... and more.

You'll get the training and you'll get the tools. You'll practice the skills and be gently coached.

Bring your special problems, too. You'll have up-close access to the best practitioners, all of them dedicated to making you more successful.​

​You'll get individual attention

During each day, we’ll have open “Story Labs” where you can get individual attention. Whether you’re looking for help writing a story, telling a story face to face, or crafting a video story, we’ll be there to help you one on one.

Our goal is for you to feel like you are part of a very special family.​

Can't travel to the conference?

We'll be filming all of the sessions and keynotes.  When you buy the videos, you'll be able to watch them online, and also download them to your computer, tablet, and smart phone.

If you'd like to get all the the videos from the conference, click below.​

Storytelling is the #1 skill you need to master if you want to develop more meaningful donor relationships and raise a lot more money.

The nonprofit storytelling conference is unlike any conference you’ve ever attended. And it's going to help you raise a lot more money. Sign up today.

[1] Attending the conference should quickly pay for itself ... many times over assuming (a) that you apply the lessons learned at the conference and (b) your boss leaves you alone to do as you see fit. In a well-regulated nonprofit -- one that's aware of best practices and serious about raising money -- the chief fundraiser has EXCLUSIVE control over all donor communications. Neither the CEO, nor the board chair, nor any committee has a vote or a veto.

Don't miss out on being able to raise more money in way that is more effective and quite frankly, a lot more fun for you and your donors.​