Drawing Emotion - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

How to draw faces that convey different emotions.

Have you ever wanted to draw?

When I was a kid I liked to draw.  In college I took a drawing class.  But I never really got the hang of drawing faces that conveyed emotion.

In the video below, Suzy Claflin shows you how to draw a simple face that conveys emotion.  It's amazing how just three little lines can radically change the emotion on a face.  With Suzy's help, you'll be able to draw a simple face that shows emotion.  Suzy makes it very easy to do.

Perhaps you can use what you learn in the video to add a simple face, or multiple faces, to your next newsletter or blog post.  Try it out.

Watch the video below.

FYI - Suzy drew all the illustrations for this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  She also drew the illustrations for last year's conference as well as for the "Nonprofit Story Tour".  Perhaps you have a need for an illustrator for your next event or campaign.  She can help you.  Come meet her at this year's conference.  click here  

If you want to learn how to raise more money through better storytelling, then join us at this year's conference.  For ticket information, go to http://npstoryconf.wpengine.com