Erik Lindbergh and the Story of the XPrize Foundation - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Erik Lindbergh and the Story of the XPrize Foundation

Imagine starting a nonprofit with everything stacked against you.

In this video, Erik Lindbergh takes you behind the scenes of what it was like in the early days of the XPrize Foundation.  It's the story of how a small team can make a huge impact on the world, and how storytelling is at the very center of success.

You'll learn about how they were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and you'll hear about some of the innovative ways they were able to raise money.​

"Your success depends on
the stories you tell."


As a foundation board member, Erik shares his perspective on what it takes to make an impact as a board member.

You'll hear the stories of being turned down for money time after time.  You'll also learn about the one thing that can change a "No" into a "Yes". (Hint - it's about tapping into a certain kind of story)

I also invite you to come meet Erik in person.  He's a keynote speaker at this year's conference. To get a ticket and more details - click here.

Meet Erik in person.

Meet Erik at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and learn how to tell stories that resonate with donors.  And if you can't make it to the conference in person, get the videos.  Each of the presentations will be recorded on video, including Erik's.  

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