The #1 Story that Raises the Most Money

From the Tactical Thursdays Vault

The Proven Formula for Event Fundraising
with Jim Shapiro

Event Fundraising.

Two words that either make a fundraiser cringe ... or giggle with excitement.

In this video, Jim Shaprio shares his proven formula for event fundraising -- so you can tell the right story, to the right group of donors, at the right time.

You'll learn:

  • a proven framework for finding (and telling) the story at the center of your next event
  • a formula for pinpointing the offer at the heart of your event's ask
  • the best 'run of show' that keeps your speakers on message and your attendees engaged

And you'll get Jim's Very Special Event Fundraising Worksheet™ (just click the blue button below the video to download it).

So, get a pen and notebook ready -- then click play on the video below!

PS -- Jim teaches for about 14 minutes.  After that, there's an awesome Q&A that you won't want to miss!

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