exhibit-2016 - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Get more ROI for your marketing dollars

Forget the old way of exhibiting.

You know the kind I'm talking about... the kind of exhibiting where you stand in a 10x10 booth trying to lure prospective customers int​o your booth with free pens and trinkets.  And that's assuming you have people walking by your booth!

You invest a lot of time and money when you exhibit at a conference.  You should be rewarded for that.  It's almost like some conferences try to keep you at arms length away from the attendees.

A new way of treating you.​

When you exhibit at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, you'll have unparalleled access to a very targeted group of nonprofit professionals.  These folks are looking for help in telling stories and communicating with their donors.

Because we want you to make the best ROI possible for your dollars, we are limiting the amount of exhibitors to 30.  And, we are hand selecting each exhibitor.  Not everyone will make the list.

We also have some tricks up our sleeves that will drive potential customers into your booth.  No longer will you have to stand in the isle ways and try to offer somebody a free pen to come into your booth.​

If your services and products help organizations build stronger relationships with donors, communicate with donors, and help fundraise, then you enter your name and information below to be considered to exhibit at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.