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50 Games to Play by Candlelight (or around the campfire!)

When a storm knocks out your power, these 50 games can keep you and your family or friends entertained (and entertaining!).  And they work great around the campfire too!  If you like games and laughing with people you love, come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  We try our best to not take ourselves TOO too seriously  – Nonprofit Storytelling Conference!

Shadow Puppets: Create animals or stories using the shadows of your hands.

20 Questions: Think of an object, and others have 20 questions to guess what it is.

Truth or Dare: Classic game where players choose to tell a truth or perform a dare.

Ghost Stories: Share the spookiest tales you know.

Two Truths and a Lie: Players tell three statements, and others guess which one is the lie.

Charades: Act out words or phrases without speaking, while others guess.

Would You Rather: Players choose between two tough or silly choices.

Pass the Story: Start a story and have each person add a sentence.

I Spy: Guess the object someone is thinking of by clues given.

Telephone: Whisper a message around, and see how it changes by the end.

Name that Tune: Hum or whistle a song and have others guess the title.

Never Have I Ever: Share something you've never done, and find out who else hasn't.

Hot Seat: One person is chosen, and others ask them questions for a set time.

Concentration: Players clap a rhythm and take turns naming items in a chosen category.

Word Association: Say a word and the next person says the first word that comes to mind.

Who Am I?: Guess the character or famous person based on clues given.

Mafia: A party game where some players are mafia members trying to hide their identity.

Secret Words: Everyone is given a word they can't say, and players try to make each other say theirs.

Pictionary: Draw a word without speaking, while others guess.

Whispered Singing: Whisper the lyrics of a song and have others guess the tune.

Guess the Sound: Make a noise and have others guess what it is.

Categories: Name items in a category until someone can't think of one.

Tall Tales: Each player makes up a wild, exaggerated story.

Spot the Difference: Change something about yourself and others guess what's different.

Riddles: Challenge others with tricky riddles or brain teasers.

The Alphabet Game: Think of a category, and name items from A-Z.

Favorites: Players take turns sharing their favorites (food, movies, etc.).

Sing-Along: Sing songs together around the campfire.

Guess the Number: Think of a number within a range and others guess.

Speedy Storytellers: Set a timer for one minute and try to tell a story in that time frame. It can be real or fictional.

The Question Game: Only communicate in questions.

Desert Island: Discuss three items you'd take if stranded on an island.

The Prediction Game: Predict funny futures for each other.

Rhyme Time: Say a word and go around with each person rhyming with it.

Campfire Jeopardy: Set up a fun trivia night with themed questions.

Bottle Spin Truth or Dare: Use a bottle to determine who's next.

Hangman: Guess the word, one letter at a time.

Memory Game: One person says an item. The next person repeats it and adds another, and so on.

Two-Minute Mysteries: Solve a mystery with only a few clues.

Finish the Lyric: Start a song lyric and have others finish it.

Hide and Seek in the Dark: Just like the original, but a nighttime version.

Famous Duos: Name one half of a famous duo and have others guess the other.

Guess the Object: Use a blindfold and have players guess objects by touch.

Dream Trip: Share where you'd go if you could go anywhere.

Truth and Lie: Players tell a truth and a lie, others guess which is which.

Glow Stick Toss: Use glow sticks to play ring toss in the dark.

Sticky Note Guess: Write a name or object on a sticky note, place it on someone's forehead, and let them ask yes/no questions to figure out what's written

Emoji Charades: Act out an emoji for others to guess.

Mirror: Mimic a partner's movements exactly.

Stump the Star-Gazer: Point to a star/constellation and have someone tell a fact or story about it.

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