Hep A - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

If you're wondering about the Hepatitis A situation in San Diego, please read below.

Over the past couple of weeks, Christopher Davenport has been monitoring the Hep-A situation in San Diego and talking to the Hyatt hotel about the situation.

The people affected by Hep-A have been pretty much just the homeless, and the hard drug users.  The situation appears to have started with the unsanitary conditions surrounding these groups of people.

The hotel is not located in the part of town where most of the cases have been.  

Never-the-less, everyone is on high alert in San Diego and taking extra precautions. The hotel is being extra vigilant.  They have put out hand sanitizing stations, and they are sanitizing guest rooms and public spaces.  There have been no reported Hep-A cases at the hotel.

Here's the official statement from the Hyatt Hotel.​

To download a pdf copy of the statement, click here.