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Jeff Schreifels
Founding Partner at Veritus Group

Jeff Schreifels

If you like baseball, tennis, golf, Gregorian Chant, Jazz, Rock, good wine, and deep conversation, then you’ll like to hang out with Jeff. If you are passionate about fundraising, Jeff will inspire you to be a true “broker of love” for your donors, helping you bring together a donor’s desire to change the world and the world’s greatest needs.

Jeff wants to help everyone change the world. He believes that if non-profit’s truly want to grow and obtain more net revenue for their mission it will come through creating, building and successfully managing major gift programs. Jeff has over 27 years of nonprofit fundraising experience and is Senior Partner of the Veritus Group.

My favorite storytellers is...

...Tony Campolo—when I was in my third year of college I felt like my life was in a rut. I needed a challenge, to get outside myself. One day, I’m watching T.V. This middle-aged white guy was on the screen telling a story about how he was invited to preach at an all black Baptist church. He used the same line over and over…”It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’. I was riveted. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. His sermon sparked something in me that I had been longing to feel.

I immediately wanted to find out who this guy was. Turns out, this guy was a professor at Eastern College near Philadelphia. He founded an inner-city ministry to help kids who live in public housing. I decided right then to take a semester off and go volunteer in Philadelphia for his non-profit organization. I spent two months in Philadelphia and it changed the whole course of my life.

One of many great things about my time volunteering is that 10 of us got to have lunch with Tony every Monday. All he did was tell stories of what had happened to him the week before. It inspired us every week to take risks, do something different and try to bring joy into people’s lives.

25 years later, while I was the chairperson of the New York DMA Conference, I asked him to speak and he accepted. He was amazing and had people laughing and in tears. His storytelling ability to move people to action was and is unbelievable. When I grow up, I want to be able to do that too.

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