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Jim Shapiro
Co-Founder, Creative Director - The Better Fundraising Co.
Founder - The EDGE Group

Jim Shapiro

Storytelling has been part of my life since I was a little kid. My grandma was a master storyteller. The stories she would tell and how she told them always brought the story to life!

My youthful experiences with my grandma have carried over into my 20+ years of storytelling for the purpose of fundraising.

I’m a master planner. Strategic thinker. Love people. Love their personal story. Co-Founder & CEO at The Better Fundraising Co. Our primary aim is to help small- to medium-sized nonprofits raise more money and build stronger relationships with their donors. Co-developer of the donor-centered fundraising rhythm, Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat.

Blogger and public speaker.

Live in Seattle, married father of three kids. Heavily involved in foster-care. High school football coach.

One blessed dude!

My favorite storyteller is...

...Stories are told in a variety of ways. The storyteller I appreciate the most is Harry Beckwith. His books, training and teaching have shaped my thinking for over a decade. I think of him as unlocking the inner thoughts that most of us have, but rarely ever truly discover or uncover.

Connect with me online:

website:  http://betterfundraising.com

website:  http://askthankreportrepeat.com

twitter: ​@JimShapiro

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I'll be presenting at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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