Lessons from an apple tree - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Fundraising lessons from an 80 year old Apple Tree.

Earlier this year we purchased a farmhouse that was built in 1908.

We've started holding what we are calling "Story Intensives" in the farmhouse.  This is where we get together with a select few fundraising professionals and help them find their biggest fundraising leverage points - so they can raise more money without working as hard. 

Last week Steven Screen and I held a Story Intensive.  And when we were walking around outside, in the small orchard, we realized there was great fundraising wisdom in the old Apple Trees.  😉

So we made this quick little video for you.

Click the play button below.

FYI - Steven and I will be leading a session at this year's conference called: "Creating Story Based Assets".  We'll be showing everyone who attends our session how to create 3 different fundraising assets.  These assets are designed to be created once, and then be used over and over again to bring in more money with little or no extra work.  If you'd like to join us and learn how to create your very own fundraising assets, come to this year's conference.  click here

If you can't make it to the conference in person, then buy the conference videos and get all the sessions on video.   Click here to get the videos  

If you want to learn how to raise more money through better storytelling, then join us at this year's conference.  For ticket and video information, go to http://npstoryconf.wpengine.com