Michelle Brinson - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Michelle Sanders Brinson
Communications and Media Manager
Nashville Rescue Mission

Michelle Sanders Brinson

I fell into the world of nonprofit storytelling much by accident.

My 20+-year career in marketing had me writing about all sorts of “things.”  Eight years ago, my mentor asked me to consider a writing job at Nashville Rescue Mission.  I didn’t think it would be that different from any other writing job. But telling the story of someone’s life is much more personal.

My heart began to break for those we serve.

I took the skills I learned as a marketer, along with my genuine compassion for the people, plus a desire to learn fundraising and began to use that to tell their stories in a way that would inspire others to give… and give generously.

My favorite storyteller is...

...Jesus.  I believe Jesus was the greatest storyteller of all time.

Jesus loved to tell stories.

We know this because He told them all the time. He told them in the streets, at dinner, with friends on the road, at synagogues, and even on hillsides. Anytime He could, Jesus would share a parable with people that taught them of God’s love.

To this day, Jesus is still the best storyteller, touching people’s lives with stories He told over 2,000 years ago. Talk about inspiring people to action.

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