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R. Trent Thompson
Sr Director, Brand and Strategic Communications - The Children's Center of Wayne County (Detroit)

Nonprofit Brand & Marketing Strategist - Rebrand and Retool or Perish


R. Trent Thompson

I'm the founder of Rebrand & Retool or Perish, a nonprofit brand consultancy. We breathe new life into nonprofit brands.

I believe I was called to do this work; to help the few impact the many. I want to help each nonprofit succeed with their mission – changing the lives of those they serve for the better. For me, there's no greater return.

How do I do it? Blood, sweat and tears. I believe you must engage the hearts and heads of your generational audiences to move the needle. And, to achieve significant movement, your brand positioning, communications infrastructure and brand experience must be laser-focused. Caution, the work is rigorous; the pace arduous. However, the rewards are mammoth, game-changing even.

My favorite storyteller is...

...My favorite book as a child was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Over the years, I discovered lots of new stories and great writers. But, none seemed to have the knack that Dahl had when telling a story. It was relatable, intriguing, and funny. His skillful narrative, quirky point of view, and attention to every little detail of character and setting keeps you completely engaged from the beginning to the very end. While enthralled by his stories as a child, I’ve come to appreciate Dahl's ability to tell a compelling story even more so, decades years later.

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Many who attended the 2015 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference were moved by the impact of the brand story I created for The Children’s Center in Detroit. My challenge became how to scale accessibility, so that it could be shared with everyone and their mother. It was costly to continuously reprint and hand out copies to the masses. So I created an interactive version that can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, and from anywhere–without The Children’s Center incurring additional reproduction costs. Watch video here -> power-of-telling-your-brand-story

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website:  http://rtrentthompson.com

twitter: ​@rtrentthompson

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I'll be presenting at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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