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Richard Perry
Founding Partner at Veritus Group

Richard Perry

If you’re hanging with Richard it won’t be long before you’ll be laughing.

He always finds something funny in everything. But when the conversation is about people, their money and giving, you’ll find a deeply caring counselor who helps donors fulfill their passions and interests.

Richard believes that successful major-gift fundraising is not fundamentally about securing revenue for good causes. Instead, it is about helping donors express who they are through their giving.

Richard has more than 30 years of nonprofit leadership and fundraising experience, and is founding partner of the Veritus Group. Along with his business partner he sets strategic direction for Veritus Group and manages the business of the company. He lives with his wife and dog in Marco Island, Florida.

One of my favorite storytellers is...

...Hendon Brown, a Southern Baptist minister from Georgia, was one of the best storytellers I have ever known. I heard him speak at various concerts I attended back in the late 60’s. Rather than start with the title of his talk or roll out his three points, he would start with a story of a person and the drama, pain and hurt in that person’s life.

He would tell it all in such great detail and with so much color and emotion that it felt like you were right there. His cadence would sometimes be slow, with long pauses for effect and then he would yell with anger at an intolerable situation. It was an emotional roller coaster ride.

He would get you loving the person, by carefully weaving in all of their good characteristics. Then, when your heart was fully engaged, he would bring you to their situation. Sometimes it was a situation that was so hurtful and so painful that all of us in the audience would be crying. Other times, it was a detailed description of an act of injustice juxtaposed against a response of kindness and mercy that would leave me wagging my head in disbelief.

In all of his stories he had me, and everyone else listening, on the edge of our seats waiting expectantly for a resolution to the drama he had created. And once he had you hooked, he would make his point. I will never forget it.

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