Would you like a storytelling plan that delivers donors to your door? - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Would you like a storytelling plan that delivers donors to your door?


This November, you’ll discover how to create a storytelling system that continually attracts donors to your organization.

You’ll also experience storytelling from a donor’s perspective. You will learn what draws them in and excites them on a deeper, more meaningful level. You will experience a whole new level of storytelling. (You are going to have so much fun with this!  Wait until you see what we have in store for you!)

Capture your donor’s imagination.

Stop trying to convince donors to give to you. Tap into their most desired feelings and they will give joyfully. With the right stories, you can appeal to their desires and turn casual donors into major donors.

The right stories create and foster happiness…and donors love to be happy!  This conference will show you how to create happier, more enthusiastic donors.

Attract and retain more donors.

You’ll learn to use stories in fun new ways that will attract new donors to your organization. You’ll also create a storytelling plan that helps increase donor retention.

And with a storytelling plan, you will be able to save yourself time and resources when it comes to fundraising.

Treat yourself to new thoughts and fresh perspectives.

If you’re tired of the same old textbook approaches to fundraising, board development, and donor stewardship, then join us in Seattle on November 6-7 for an amazing conference. We promise you new ideas and approaches.

Improve your storytelling BEFORE the conference.

Because much of what you’ll be learning is intermediate to advanced storytelling, we’ll make sure you have the basics before coming to the conference. So, four weeks prior to the conference, you’ll receive written materials and videos that will give you the fundamentals of nonprofit storytelling. This way you’ll have a solid story framework, and you’ll know how to tell and craft powerful stories even before you come to the conference.

Our goal is to take care of YOU and create an atmosphere of unparalleled learning and fun.

At many conferences, you are treated like a generic attendee. But not at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. We want you to experience something truly unique and memorable. It’s why we’re paying as much attention to you as we are the content you’ll learn.

Everything tells a story, from the way you are greeted at the conference, to the way lunch is served. Not everything you’ll be learning will come from a presenter in front of you. We’ve made it so you’ll experience stories everywhere at the conference. We are going to be serving you story experiences that you can replicate and bring back to your organization. Because of this, you’ll be able to give your donors extra special experiences. This is fun and powerful stuff!

Comfy cozy learning.

Unlike many conferences where you wander around looking for the next session, there is only one track at this storytelling conference. We’ve crafted the two day agenda to have its own story arc for everyone to follow. Our goal is for you to have a stress free two days in a relaxed, friendly, and cozy setting.

You’ll be guided along the story journey. But if you feel you need some one-on-one time with a story coach, we’ll have story labs where you can get help with your story. So if you need help, or have any questions around what you’re learning, we’ll be there to work with you on an individual basis.

Here is some of what you’ll learn at the conference.

You’ll learn to:

      • create a storytelling plan
      • tell stories that speak to the different needs of your donors
      • get program staff to start collecting and capturing great stories for you
      • get board members and donors telling their own stories
      • create stories that are experiential and resonate on many levels
      • pre-load stories into your donor’s head (this saves you time and makes you stand out from your competition)
      • turn stories into donations
      • better engage your listeners by using specific principles found in great pieces of music
      • create “Story Anchors” that will keep your stories in the minds of your donors longer
      • find and tell stories even if you don’t have a client you can use
      • create community around stories
      • use a time tested “soap opera” secret to keep your donors engaged and interested in your organization year after year
      • use the “Story Accelerator” method for getting your story out to the community faster and with farther reach
      • craft “mini-Story Starts” that serve as intriguing email subject lines, headlines, and tweets
      • and SO much more.

Storytelling is the #1 skill you need to master if you want to develop more meaningful donor relationships and raise more money.

Because we are limiting the number of attendees, we expect this conference to sell out. If you want to be part of this extraordinary event, then click the “Register Here” button and get your ticket.

The nonprofit storytelling conference is going to be unlike any conference you’ve ever attended. Sign up today.

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