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Sean Triner
Senior Consultant,
Co-Founder -
Pareto Fundraising

Sean Triner

I’m chuffed to be a fundraiser. But also a storyteller. I’ve a short book on Amazon about a Japanese knife maker in aid of Amnesty: Story telling fundraising! (The book is Haruki the Knife Maker.)

I rescue deadly snakes, travel lots, and did a comedy course.

I live about seven months in Australia. The rest of the time wherever I can go. Mathematician, so a very focused numbers bod when it comes to fundraising. And I host lots of webinars and online learning opportunities for fundraisers.

My favorite storyteller is...

...In terms of social change I actual think Dan Pallotta. He takes a pretty damn boring topic – overheads and stuff, and can really help us do our jobs.

But outside of fundraising, Ernest Hemingway. Why? Here is one of my favourite stories, in full: “For Sale. Baby shoes. Never Worn.’

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I host a lot of free webinars.  You can sign up on my website:

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I'll be presenting at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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