50 Self Care Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

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50 Self Care Tips for Busy Nonprofit Professionals

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or sat down at your desk exhausted, this list is for you! Here are 50 simple ways to take care of yourself – so you can be centered before you take on the next challenge!

1. Take a five-minute stretch break: Stand up and get your blood flowing.

2. Stay hydrated: Keep a water bottle at your desk.

3. Listen to a favorite song: Music can be a quick mood booster.

4. Step outside for fresh air: Even a few minutes can be refreshing.

5. Practice deep breathing: It can help reduce stress.

6. Enjoy a healthy snack: Keep fruits or nuts handy.

7. Write in a gratitude journal: Reflect on what you're thankful for.

8. Read a motivational quote: It can inspire you for the day.

9. Do a quick yoga sequence: There are many routines available online.

10. Meditate for a few minutes: It can help calm your mind.

11. Declutter your workspace: A clean space promotes productivity.

12. Laugh: Watch a funny video or read a joke.

13. Go for a quick walk: It can help clear your mind.

14. Practice positive self-talk: Encourage yourself.

15. Plan something fun: Having something to look forward to can boost your mood.

16. Enjoy a quick workout: There are many 10-minute options online.

17. Unplug from technology: Even a short break can be beneficial.

18. Have a healthy lunch: Good nutrition fuels your body and mind.

19. Connect with a loved one: A quick text or call can make your day.

20. Take a power nap: If possible, a short nap can recharge your energy.

21. Visualize a calming place: It can help reduce stress.

22. Try a new tea or coffee: A new flavor can be a fun break.

23. Start a DIY project: Creative work can be therapeutic.

24. Listen to a podcast: Learn something new or just enjoy a story.

25. Create a vision board: It can help you stay focused on your goals.

26. Dance it out: Shake off stress with a little movement.

27. Try aromatherapy: Certain scents can help promote relaxation.

28. Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate: It's a treat that's good for the heart.

29. Plan your next vacation: It can be exciting to think about future adventures.

30. Watch a sunset or sunrise: It's a reminder of nature's beauty.

31. Try a new recipe: Cooking can be a creative outlet.

32. Paint or sketch: It's not about skill, but the joy of creating.

33. Take a warm bath or shower: It can help you unwind after a long day.

34. Set a new goal: It can be rewarding to work towards something.

35. Listen to an audiobook: Enjoy a good story or learn something new.

36. Try a mindfulness app: There are many available that offer quick sessions.

37. Write a letter or note to someone you care about: It's a personal way to connect.

38. Treat yourself to your favorite meal: Food can be a great source of comfort.

39. Re-arrange your workspace: A change can make your environment feel fresh.

40. Read a chapter of a book: It's a great way to take a short break.

41. Learn a new word: Expanding your vocabulary can be fun.

42. Enjoy your favorite beverage: A good cup of coffee or tea can be calming.

43. Do a quick facial or skincare routine: Taking care of your skin can be relaxing.

44. Take photos of things you find beautiful: It can help you appreciate your surroundings.

45. Have a good cry: It can be cathartic and relieve stress.

46. Practice saying "No": Preserve your time and energy for what's important.

47. Listen to nature sounds: There are many apps and websites with calming nature sounds.

48. Color in a coloring book: It's not just for kids. Adult coloring books are known to relieve stress.

49. Watch the clouds: Take a moment to look up and relax.

50. End the day with reflection: Consider what went well during the day.

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