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Shanon Doolittle
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Shanon Doolittle

Ah, the “getting to know me” narrative. The bit where I tell you why I’m qualified to speak while eating a slice of humble pie. Truth is, I’m terrible at these things, so I thought I’d try different approach. Here’s what I came up with:

If this conference were a slumber party, I’d be the one making sure you felt included and were having fun.

If I weren’t a fundraising strategist, I’d be a high school civics teacher encouraging kiddos to make their communities a better place.

If this were a typical bio, I’d tell you I’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits raise lots more money and their donor retention rates.

If you have a dog and love Diet Coke, we’re already best friends. Forever.

Now, It’s only fair that I know something about you. So email me your “what if…” at Can’t wait to see you in my inbox (and Chicago) soon!

One of my favorite storytellers is...

...Shel Silverstein. Because while most of my friends grew up wanting to be a police officer or a princess, I wanted to be a tree.

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