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Sheena Greer
Chief Ass Kicker & Crayon Evangelist at Colludo

Sheena Greer

A decade in the nonprofit sector has given me a disruptive spirit and a lofty goal: I want you to stop doing things the way they’ve always been done so you can start doing the things you were always meant to do.

I believe in planting impossible gardens, lifelong learning, and that play is the antidote to many of life’s toughest problems.

I live in the Paris of the Prairies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but work with clients all across North America on writing, strategy, and bringing wild ideas to life.

My favorite storyteller is...

...“Jack, tell the one about Bob Clay’s alligator boots.”

Without hesitation, my Grandpa Jack would dive into a story.

And without hesitation, everyone in the room would follow along, up to our knees in salty language, half truths, dirty limericks, and our own tears, flowing down our cheeks sore from laughing too hard.

Sure, we had all heard the one about Bob Clay’s alligator boots at least 30 times before, but that didn’t matter. Jack’s stories were the greatest you had ever heard. They were rough and authentic and made you feel like you were part of something special. He knew the secret to great storytelling: love what you do, live for your audience, and never pass up an opportunity to delight those around you.

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Ludo: How Play Can Transform Your Work

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