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Sponsorship Success Toolkit

Are you struggling to secure sponsors for your event or organization? Looking for expert guidance to boost your sponsorship efforts?

Look no further!

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference's Sponsorship Success Toolkit is here to help you find more sponsors -- and it's completely FREE!

You'll get tipsheets, templates, worksheets, case studies, and samples to 'steal like an artist' from.  

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What's Inside the Sponsorship Success Toolkit?

🎯 15 Ways to Find Sponsors: Uncover effective strategies to identify potential sponsors and expand your network.  Learn the art of finding the perfect partners for your cause.

🎯 15 Ways to Get the Attention of Potential Sponsors: Grab the spotlight and stand out from the crowd!  Discover innovative approaches to catch the eye of potential sponsors and make your organization irresistible.

🎯 Case Study - Securing and Retaining Sponsors: Learn from real success stories!  Dive into a case study of a nonprofit that went from zero sponsors to securing and retaining a long-term partnership.  (You're going to love this case study.)

🎯 Engaging Sponsors in the Story of Your Themed Event: Turn your event into an enchanting experience! Leverage the power of storytelling to captivate sponsors and create a seamless partnership.

🎯 Example Sponsorship Package for Charity Event: Get a sneak peek into a powerful sponsorship package that will impress potential sponsors and maximize your fundraising efforts.

🎯 Instructional Sheet - Finding, Asking, and Working with a Sponsor: Unlock the secrets of securing and maintaining fruitful sponsorships. Follow step-by-step instructions to navigate the sponsorship journey.

🎯 Sample Sponsorship Agreement: Ensure a smooth partnership! Access a ready-to-use sponsorship agreement template that will protect both parties and foster long-term collaboration.

🎯 Template - Telephone Script for Securing a Sponsorship Meeting: Ace your sponsorship pitch! Utilize this script to confidently secure that all-important meeting with potential sponsors.

🎯 Template - Email Introducing Yourself to a Potential Sponsor: Make the right impression from the start! Use this email template to introduce your organization and capture the attention of potential sponsors.

🎯 Template - Sponsorship Packet Cover Letter: Seal the deal with a compelling cover letter! This ready-to-use template will make your sponsorship packet irresistible to potential sponsors.

🌟 Why You Should Get the Sponsorship Success Toolkit 🌟

Immediate Access: Gain instant access to all these valuable tools and start elevating your sponsorship efforts right away.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from expertly crafted templates and instructional sheets designed to help you secure sponsors like the pros do.

Save Time and Resources: This toolkit streamlines the sponsorship process, saving you time and resources so you can focus on making your event a success.  And even better -- you can use these resources for every event you have.  No reason to recreate the wheel every time you have an event!

It's FREE!!: Yes, you read that right! The Sponsorship Success Toolkit is yours to download absolutely FREE of charge.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your sponsorship game. Get your hands on our Sponsorship Success Toolkit now and watch your organization soar to new heights.

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