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Steven Screen
Co-Founder, Creative Director - The Better Fundraising Co.
Co-Host - Fundraising Is Beautiful

Steven Screen

2nd-Generation fundraiser. Grew up hearing about the yin of storytelling and the yang of ROI.

Copywriter. Co-Founder & Creative Director at The Better Fundraising Co. We help small- to medium-sized nonprofits raise more money and build stronger relationships with their donors.

Co-Host of the Fundraising Is Beautiful podcast, and copywriter of the 2006 Direct Mail Package Of The Year from Fundraising Success.

I live in Seattle.  Married father of three overly energetic kids. Occasional stirrer of pots.

Incredibly grateful to get to do fundraising for a living!

My favorite storytellers are...

...As I get older, the storytellers I appreciate more and more are authors who explain and unpack How Things Work. My favorite is Roy Williams, the author of The Wizard of Ads and its two sequels. I think of him as telling the story of how advertising and communications work, and I’m a far better fundraiser because of his work.

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I'll be presenting at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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