Telling the story your donor wants to hear - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Telling the story your donor wants to hear

It’s easier than you think.

Here’s a simple way for you to tell the right story to a potential donor.

Forget about trying to remember your mission statement or your elevator pitch. This is so much easier and much more effective when it comes to engaging a potential donor in a conversation.

In the video, Rachelle Nesta shares a simple trick she learned at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. If you'd like to learn all the tricks, strategies, and techniques used to raise a lot more money, then get the videos from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Click here.

You can raise a LOT more money.

Right before your eyes, you'll see how some of the best fundraising professionals, and the best direct response copywriters, turn stories into gold.

For the first time ever, you get Tom Ahern and Jeff Brooks working together to help you make your fundraising appeals more powerful and engaging...You'll see how one organization's newsletter went from producing $5,000 in donations to producing $50,000 in donations. These two masters of copyrighting will show you exactly what you need to do to make your newsletters and appeals produce a LOT more money.

You'll get to see actual before and after​ examples.

And that's just to start!​ 

I wished I had brought my entire team...but what was great is that I had the videos...We have seen dramatic results...

Rachelle Nesta
New Beginnings

2 full days of ideas on video.

Whether you're talking with major donors face to face or​ writing annual appeal letters, you will learn fresh new storytelling techniques that will bring in a lot more money to your organization.

You'll watch and learn from Shanon Doolittle, Peter Drury, Marc Pitman, Vanessa Chase, Michelle Brinson, Susan Howlett, Andrew Means, Ian Adair, Susie Burdick, ​Erica Mills, and Christopher Davenport.

You’ll learn to:

  • create a storytelling plan
  • find and tell engaging stories
  • tell stories that speak to the different needs of your donors
  • get program staff to start collecting and capturing great stories for you
  • get board members and donors telling their own stories
  • create stories that are experiential and resonate on many levels
  • turn stories into donations
  • find and tell stories even if you don’t have a client you can use
  • and SO much more.

​I wrote so fast my hand cramped. Having the videos truly helped me take my fundraising to the next level. Hands down the best training money I’ve ever spent.

Kylie Loynd
Services for Success

We filmed all the presentations including the Story Labs.  You'll also get all the pre-conference training, all the conference materials (including the Storytelling Plan workbook), and all the post-conference webinars and training.

We call this the Video Plus option.

If you choose this option, here's what you'll get.​

  • All the Pre Conference training
  • Day 1 Presentations - delivered to you online (videos)
  • Day 2 Presentations - delivered to you online (videos)
  • All the worksheets and handout materials - delivered digitally
  • Post Conference Training - all webinars and teleconferences presented as part of the follow up training to the conference.
  • Lifetime* access to the videos.

I have not been this energized in a very long time. The conference was exhilarating, chock full of info, refreshing, and an intellectual delight!

Sherry Manschot 
Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

*Get Lifetime Access to the videos.

If you don't have the time to watch all two days of the conference right now, don't worry.  You'll have access to these videos for the next year and beyond...for as long as the website is up and running.​

Share the videos with your staff.

​Use these videos and materials to train your staff and board members. We want to help you to raise the most money possible, so feel free to share these videos throughout your office.

The conference was fantastic. I have never been to a conference where EVERY speaker was over the top fabulous - but they were here. In terms of both content and presentation skills.  Wow!

Robin Simons 
Development Manager - YES! Magazine

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