Donor Story Sequence - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Take your donors on a storytelling journey.

In this video, you're going to learn:

  • How to use storytelling to engage your donors 
  • 3 golden nuggets for raising major gifts
  • How to use storytelling to make your donors feel like they're on a journey
  • When to use a "human sized" problem for your donors to solve
  • 4 elements of a successful fundraising offer
  • How many times you should be asking donors to give
  • How to use a newsletter to deepen relationships with major donors
  • Why you don't want to "educate" your donors
  • A proven storytelling rhythm for raising more money

If you haven't downloaded the Donor Story Sequence, or the Ask Thank Report Repeat graphic, please do so.  Click here.

The video is Closed Captioned.  If you'd like to read along with Jim and Steven, then click the closed caption "CC" button in the lower right part of the video menu.

Steven and Jim will be presenting at this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  It's two and a half days of fun and incredible learning that will take your fundraising (and enjoyment) to a whole new level. Click here to learn more.