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Stop guessing about your donors.

You don't need to guess what stories to tell your donors, or when to ask them for a larger gift.  That's the beauty of a good database.  It can act as your magic crystal ball.  

In today's video you'll meet Jay Love and Steven Shattuck from Bloomerang.  Their donor database software is amazing.  Plus, both Jay and Steven are incredibly smart when it comes to fundraising and communicating with donors.

In today's episode you'll learn:

    • What stories you should tell new donors to get another donation
    • One way to retain special event, and memorial tribute donors.
    • Two survey questions to ask every new donor (and when to ask them)
    • Why stories fall flat with some donors, and how to fix that problem
    • How to get that elusive second gift from donors, and get them addicted to giving 🙂
    • How an engagement meter can help you get larger gifts

Jay and Steven have a lot to share with you.  Come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and meet them in person.  Sit down with them and learn how you can better track your donors' interest in your organization, and pinpoint which stories your donors will respond to.

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Learn how to tell better stories and connect with donors.
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