Nonprofit Story Tour with Steve Kaplan talking about comedy - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Talking about comedy in fundraising with Steve Kaplan, 
in Chatsworth, California 

Does comedy belong in fundraising?

Do you know the difference between being funny, and being comedic?  

In today's episode, you're going to meet Steve Kaplan.  He's the person Hollywood calls to help make movie audiences laugh.  

Many people fail to make people laugh because they are trying to be funny.  Steve will show you the difference between something that's funny, and something that's comedic.  There is a big difference between the two.

Here are some of the topics Steve and I talk about in the bus:

  • The comedy formula. --- use this formula to create something comedic
  • When to use comedy, and when not to use comedy
  • What makes a comedic character
  • What to look for if you want to add comedy to an appeal, a speech, a newsletter, etc.

If you watched the previous episode on the set of the TV show NCIS, then you know how important comedy is for the success of NCIS.  Watch the video below so you can start to figure out how to add comedy into your fundraising.  

Come meet Steve at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Bring your comedy questions, and even samples of your attempts at comedy.  He'll be happy to talk with you.  Click here for more info.

Get Steve's book​, "The Hidden Tools of Comedy".  

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