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Filming nonprofit organizations across America and learning how they use storytelling to raise money. 


Episodes 1 & 2 were filmed while we prepared to get on the road.  I like to think of them as the test episodes.  Shanon and Peter were very gracious in working with me to figure out how my family and I were going to film the series on the road.

Episodes 3+ are a bit more polished.  🙂

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Seattle, Washington

Shanon Doolittle talks with Chris Davenport about the importance of storytelling and starting out on Nonprofit Story Tour.

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Bainbridge Island, Washington

Peter Drury joins Chris Davenport in the story bus as they travel the roads of Bainbridge Island Washington.  Peter shares storytelling wisdom that will help you raise more money.

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Kalispell, Montana 

Catherine Gunderson shares some of the valuable storytelling insights she's learned over the years. You'll also discover some of the questions she uses to engage folks in the community and connect with them on a deeper level.

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Kristin and Mike share three big mistakes nonprofits make when they produce fundraising videos. These mistakes are easy to overcome once you know what they are. By avoiding them, you will end up with a MUCH more effective and emotionally charged video.

Valencia, California 

Chas. Floyd Johnson is the executive producer of the hit TV show NCIS. He has produced some of the most shows on television including Magnum P.I., the Rockford Files, JAG, Quantum Leap, and many others.  In today's episode, Chas. Floyd Johnson shares the "magic formula" that has helped keep his audiences engaged week after week, year after year.

Chatsworth, California

Steve Kaplan is the person Hollywood calls to help make audiences laugh. Steve and Chris Davenport talk about the formula for comedy and what to look for if you want to add comedy to an appeal, a speech, a newsletter, etc.

Topeka, Kansas  

Donna Swaffar and Brett Martin share how they were able to grow individual donations by 10-30%, how they get past the common donor gatekeeper problem, and how they show donors the impact of their donations.

Nashville, Tennessee

Michelle Brinson and Chris Davenport talk about what makes the Nashville Rescue Mission’s newsletter wildly successful and why it brings in so much money each month, year after year.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jay Love and Steven Shattuck share what stories you should tell new donors to get another donation, one way to retain special event, and memorial tribute donors, why you can stop guessing which stories to tell your donors, and how an engagement meter can help you get larger gifts.

Carol Stream, Illinois

Sherry Manschot and Lea Jackman walk you through how they used storytelling to craft a new vision statement for their organization, and how better storytelling caused a 200% jump in net dollars raised.

Foster, Rhode Island

Tom Ahern shows you how to make your direct mail letters feel personal, how to improve your response rate, what a holocaust survivor can teach you about what humans need, and you'll learn what makes Tom break out in a cold sweat.

Framingham, Massachusetts 

John Haydon shares how storytelling is the key ingredient to making social media work. He gives plenty of examples, and he outlines what your organization needs to do to have a social media campaign.

Sea Isle, New Jersey

Jeff Schreifels shows you how to find million dollar stories. You'll also learn why curiosity is essential to raising major gifts, and how to discover what motivates a major donor to give big. Jeff also shares two questions you should be asking all your major donors. 

Easley, South Carolina

What happens when you lose 65% of your donor base in one year?

That's what happened to Julie Capaldi at the United Way of Pickens County.  In this episode, you're going to learn what Julie did to turn her organization around and become an amazing success. I'll give you a hint. Storytelling played a big part.

Get out something to take notes with. You're going to want to write down "SST" and what it stands for.

Julie also tells you about her unique "Gratitude Report". Donors love it, and so will you. It's very creative and all about storytelling.

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