Peter Drury on Nonprofit Story Tour - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

the Nonprofit Story Bus driving around

Discover the X factor in growing your nonprofit's fundraising.

In today's video we visit the beautiful island outside of Seattle, Washington.  Peter Drury rides in the bus with me and reveals:

  • a simple formula to raising 51% of your annual budget on the first day of your fiscal year.
  • the 4 things it takes to raise a lot of money
  • why you are putting your organization at risk if you are focusing mostly on transactional fundraising
  • how to make your fundraising career much more enjoyable

You'll also discover a piece of advice from a donor that transformed the way Peter raises major gifts.

You'll also learn how "story listening", coupled with storytelling, is where fundraising magic happens and much more money is raised.

And at the end of the video, we drive to a mystery place.  There is a story around this place, one that may or may not have involved Peter's mugshot being on the Post Office wall ... with the word, WANTED above his face. 😉

The video is a bit long, but watch the whole thing.  You'll be glad you did.  And please share it with your friends.

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