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Mike and Kristin Sukraw
Reliant Studios

Mike and Kristin Sukraw

Once upon a time, Mike and Kristin met and fell in love in the far away land of Nebraska.

Mike was getting his degree in marketing while producing films and winning awards on the side. All the while, Kristin was earning her Master’s in Counseling.

Both continued to pursue distinct careers with Mike founding and growing Reliant Studios, and Kristin working at a private counseling practice for several years. But Reliant was always calling and her passion of helping people make sense of their stories began to transition more and more out of the therapy room and into the videos Mike was producing with his team.

In 2012, Kristin took a leap of faith and joined Reliant full time. Since then, Reliant has developed a brand around authentic storytelling and producing videos that help nonprofit organizations achieve real results.

They travel the country together with their team, working with clients to discover their best stories and helping the storytellers connect with an audience in a deep and meaningful way.

Hundreds of nonprofit videos later, Mike and Kristin love sharing with nonprofit audiences some of what they’ve learned along the way. Client’s include Imagine Dragons’ Tyler Robinson Foundation, Tiny Hands International and Homes for Our Troops.

Our favorite storyteller is...

...We're both huge fans of Peter Guber, Hollywood film producer and author of New York Times Bestseller, "Tell to Win."

His book is full of his own tales of how he has tapped into the power of storytelling to persuade people to action. He shares how emotional storytelling has consistently trumped research and statistics in successfully persuading people to join him in producing major films and launching new ventures such as a minor league baseball team in Las Vegas.

His passion for storytelling has inspired us to dig deeper into the "art of the tell" in helping nonprofits to connect with their audiences in new and deeper ways through video.

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