Telling the Right Story to the Right Donor - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Telling the Right Story to the Right Donor

I sat down with Jay Love at the Bloomerang offices.

We had a long conversation around fundraising and communicating with donors.  The video below is part of that conversation.

In the video, you'll learn why some stories fall flat, and what you can do to be more engaging to your donors.  

In order to raise the most money, your stories must engage donors in meaningful ways.  If you'd like help engaging donors on a deeper and more personal level, then I'd highly suggest you check out Boomerang's donor software.  Click here.

Bloomerang is also a sponsor of this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Don't miss out on talking with them in person.  They helped so many people at last year's conference and I'll bet they can help you to raise more money too.


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